Zelda – Breath of the Wild: Locations of all shrines with rewards and tips

Do you need more stamina and health, or want to unlock their quick trip, you have to Zelda: For Breath of the Wild shrines. In addition to the towers they are your most important tools in the fight for Zelda. In addition, you'll get here good armor and weapons.

Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Locations of all shrines with rewards and tips

In Legend of Zelda: Breath of the game there are also dungeons next exciting battles and survival elements. These come in the form of shrines that you can explore it. Already at the entrance of them they can be activated &# 8211; and already you can travel here. We encourage you to seek the Tower of the region and look from here to a shrine.

Using binoculars and paragliders can you discover as fast a piece of the map. The shrines bring you mystery as treasure chests, with Weapons, equipment and rubies are filled. Do you find the altar get a her Signs of probation and thus more stamina and health.

the interest you with one click to the region:

  • Tutorial shrines in the Forgotten Plateau (Mah-Ounu, yes-Bashif, Wa-Modai, Toumi-Soke)
  • Tower of the Twin Mountains (Hiro-Hira, Vashi-Ryako, Hayu damascene, Shibe-Nyasu, Shibe-Niiro, Ri-dahi, Toto-Isa, Taro-Nihi, Rahna-Roki)
  • Hateno Tower (Myama-Gana, Miz-Yo, Tahno-A, Chasu-Keta, Jitah-Sami, Dau-Nae, Kamu-Yuo)
  • Ranelle Tower (Ka-Moo, Rukko-Ma, Neji-Yoma, Kaya Miwa, data Kusu, Sem Council, Da-kikii, Shi-Yota, Sao Kohi)
  • Faron Tower (Yao-Maayo, Kyuta-Nata, Shoda-Sah, Ma-Kaya, Tawa-Jinu, Kugu-chicle, Sai-Uuto, Muo-Jiimu)
  • Tower of the lake (Shi-Kuchofu, Kao-Maka, Shi-Tatanke, Ya-Naaga, Cougar Nitto, Io Soh)
  • Tower of the desert (Kima-Zuusu, Dako-Tawa, Guko-Chise, Rakyu-Uro, Hawa-Kai, to-Kayuu, Deira Ma, Kyoshi Oh, Mih-Suh, Suma-sama, Keh-Noi, Jin-Yoh)
  • Gerudo Tower (Kui-Takka, Kima-Kosasa, Shi-Jito, Kiha-U, June Shi, Sasa Wharf)
  • Tower level (Ruyo-Tau, Yakah-Mata, Nia-Nea, Da-Kasoh, Wago Kata, Kata-Chuki, namka-Ozu, Sasu-Kosa)
  • Tower Hill (Toh-Yassa, Ma-Nora, Kiwa-Zatas, Shao-Yu, Midda-Roki, Mon-Ratania, Shi-Dagozu)
  • Tabanta Tower (Ako-Vata, Vorida-No, Sha-Tawa, Uuta-Do, Ka-Okyo, Teina-Kyoza)
  • Hebra Tower (Hiya-Miu, To-Kumo, Myosu-Shino, Shada-Ada, Gaoma-Asa, Rah-Kua, Sha-Gema, Kaza-Tokki, Kama Rahi, Ri-Mosa, Nokki-Mihi, Rano-Kuhii, Dounba Ta)
  • Tower of forests (Rona-Kahta, Monya-Toma, Miiro-Tsuhi, Kito-Wawai, Mahmu-Rano, Kiyo-Uh, Da-Chokahi, Kun-Shidaji)
  • Eldin Tower (Ta-Mur, Kyu-Ramuhi, Keha-Rama, Gu-Achitoh, Daka-Ka, Moa-Kishito, Shimo-Itose, Shora-Ha, Sadarj)
  • Akkala Tower (Kah-Tosa, dahi-Shiino, Tsutsua-Nima, Jizu-Kafui, Toh-Karo, Zuna- Kai, Ritah-Zumo, Kenii-Shika)
68750Zelda - Breath of the Wild: Locations of all shrines

Zelda &# 8211; Breath of the game: Find all shrines &# 8211; but how?

the upper video should help you to find all the shrines in TLoZ. We also encourage you also IGN. There is an interactive map, on which many users have already marked shrines and other collectibles. All shrines work about the same. They have a entrance, the you can enable for fast travel, at least one treasure chest and a altar, by you complete the shrine and the character of probation will receive.

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Until you get to the altar, but you must complete various puzzles. The treasure chests are not often on the way &# 8211; they are well hidden. To find them, is another puzzle for you. Almost all shrines are available from the start. you are optional and need not be completed. Overall, there are 120 shrines, what you need to complete the first four to get used to the mechanics.

In places of worship the signs of the probation be converted. Here you seek you out containers that hold prepared either more heart or endurance for Link. In the settlement Hateno meet her on a statue. Here you can watch the redistribute containers &# 8211; if you for example have a hard climb before you and needs more stamina. but you have to pay money.

To find tips shrines and master

Do not forget that you interesting places Mark with binoculars can. Creates its just so not to complete it a shrine, you can select it and visit him later. Creates its not a mystery, we recommend you also to draw in the particular dungeon on the map. Try it again later. There are several localities of shrines. Some are above the surface. You will know the orange-colored lights. but some are also below the surface. searches nearby mines, caves and mountain peaks.

Some shrines above the ground and can be easily seen from a tower.Some shrines above the ground and can be easily seen from a tower.

Visited her the second tower in the game, you get the Sheikah sensor, the displays you shrines around on the mini map. but it can not handle the third type of dungeons. This is hidden in the ground caves. Near this place you puzzles that need to fulfill their first to discover the shrine. For example, you have to trigger a switch or ignite lights near. Also looking for clues as stone tablets that tell you with puzzles, where the shrine is located.

  • In order to solve the puzzles in a shrine, you have largely Insert modules or elements.
  • There are often Various approaches, to get to the altar. So try out you.
  • Look at the puzzle carefully and search for all objects that have to do with it. Desperate her at a puzzle, it is often the case that you overlook just something important.
  • In many areas there interactive objects such as floor switch, catapults or even torches. So runs through the shrine and watching everything very closely. Do you notice an interactive object, you safely open some doors this.
  • Think of the Using modules. Do you find water or a puddle near, you can probably use the Cryomodul and create ice blocks. Activates the magnetic module and looks for pink targets that you can use it with. Do you use the Stasi module illuminate objects that can use their order, yellow on.
  • Makes you generally familiar with the modules. It is often found that their one combination one of them needs to get to the altar.
  • The puzzles are based on physics. So should you consider things like gravity. Watch out for rockers. Maybe you can here drop out yes barrels? Is there scales, the need to bring their balance or just have her a floor switch activate?

Well, curious?

Start Photogallery(6 images)Zelda - Breath of the Wild: These curiosities and secrets hidden in Hyrule!


All shrines with their characteristics and rewards

In the following tables you will find all shrines along with their Rewards and a brief description of what their tasks and objectives have in the dungeons. The first four shrines we have here omitted skillfully as they are explained to you together with the modules.

It may happen that you do not find some weapons in the treasure chests. This is because the weapons in the crates based your advancement appear. You are so much further down, you either the weapon mentioned in the table will receive a bonus or another weapon that is much stronger, but is in the same category.

Tutorial: The first four shrines

As already mentioned in the introduction, to show you the first four shrines basic mechanics. The localities are not you appear, but you will receive at the beginning but much information about the place where to hide the mystery. Do you want dust off all the boxes or know where the &# 8220; Tutorial shrines&# 8221; are located, should you look at you the following video:3320Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All shrines at the Tower of the plateau

Shrines in the region &# 8220; tower of the twin mountains&# 8221;

The twin shrines * share a treasure chest. For this reason, you get this weapon only once.

All shrines of the region & quot; quot tower of the twin mountains & ;.All shrines of the region &# 8220; tower of the twin mountains&# 8221 ;.
1Hiro-HiraFlowers labyrinth outside - can be circumnavigated with Para sail, treasure chest under water - can be canceled with magnetic module, treasure box in the last room can be opened with CryomodulOpal, 5x Ice Arrow
2Vashi-Ryakouse para sailing, to solve puzzles, treasure chest shortly before the altar - to fly to the altar by the fan, and then turn rightBernstein, soldiers-Handed
3Hayu-DamaObstacles to the shrine can be circumnavigated, treasure chest in the first room - located on an elevated platformVioletter Rubin
4Shibe-NyasuTo solve the puzzle, flies to the twin shrine Shibe-Niiro. accessible by elevator treasure chest - hover Para sailing toward the back of the wallSanda-lance Zanshin Longsword *
5Shibe-Niiro-Zanshin Longsword *
6Ri-DahiFloor switch must be activated treasure chest shortly before the altar - set with magnetic module barrel on the last switch and go to the box with platformclimbing headscarf
7Toto IsaShrine hidden in cave &# 8211; free blow with bomb. To solve the puzzle, you have to turn the controller.barbarians mask
8thTaro Nihitwo treasure chests in the first space, third box in the sanctuaryOpal, stone splitters, Rhodonit
9Rahna-RokiShrine must be activated: Graduated "escaped chickens", "Dancing Lights" and "The legendary Feenquelle" to find the bullet next to the house of Impa in Kakariko. In the evening, 22 o'clock, you have to follow a soldier before Impas house.Mushin Greatsword

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Vashi-Ryako from 12:01
  • Hayu-Dama from 2:57
  • Hiro-Hira from 5:41
  • Shibe-Nyasu from 9:40
  • Shibe-Niiro from 12:23
  • Ri-Dahi from 14:50
  • Taro Nihi from 17:48
  • Rahna-Roki from 22:09
  • Toto-Isa from 32:17
3300Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All shrines at the tower of the twin mountains

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Hateno Tower&# 8221;

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-shrines hateno-tower

1Myama-GanaTo solve the puzzle, you have to turn the controller. The aim of the sphere: starting left in the middle. The treasure box is located above the labyrinth platform.Isshin-arm
2Miz-YoShrine must be activated: Conversation with Kashiwa, Treasure Chest short supply - put block on crystal switch and use bombelectric sword
3Tahno-AShrine is located in a cave. Requires location based on instructions from Clavia, cold resistance of stage 2Large electrical sword
4Chasu-KetaPara sailing from Schuppenkap to the shrine, inside you fight against a very strong Nano Guardian 4.0Climbing Gloves
5Jitah SamiLocation of the shrine: in cave on Ranelle tip, Shrine must be activated: Conversation with Meddo in HatenoIce Lance
6Dau-NaeFound: Tunnel right of the waterfall, treasure chest next switch under water, second box on a wooden platform, third box on to elevator platformZora sword, amber, opal
7Kamu-YuoShrine must be activated: Conversation with CALIP (Hateno Fortress), two chests: on a fixed platform, and on a smaller rotating block.Opal, soldiers lance

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Myama-Gana from 12:01
  • Miz-Yo from 2:42
  • Tahno-A from 8:09
  • Chasu-Keta 13:08
  • Jitah Sami from 16:42
  • Dau-Nae from 26:03
  • Kamu-Yuo from 29:42
3154Zelda - Breath of the game: All the shrines Hateno Tower

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Ranelle Tower&# 8221;

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-shrines Ranelle-tower

1Ka-MuhInput must be exposed &# 8211; Stop time either the plate or fixing Oktorok balloon on plate treasure box in the first space &# 8211; hurls you into the air and glide to the platformdiamond
2Rukko-MaSpines outside the shrine &# 8211; can be flown over, fire arrows advisable for puzzles, two treasure chests in the room &# 8211; on wooden platforms on the rear wall of the hallOpal, Zora bow
3Neji-YomaCrymodul use treasure chest in the first room &# 8211; on a triangular platform behind laser beamZora-lance
4Kaya-MiwaTreasure box in the second section on the right side &# 8211; carry with ice block upward raft can be stopped with ice block, second treasure box in the last section &# 8211; on the left, while Link is on the raft, is a grid that he can push with ice blockAntique reactor core, Knight Sword
5Data KusuMagnet module use, treasure chest in the first room &# 8211; can only be found when the water has run out of the shrine (in the second room by switches and bowl)Zora Greatsword
6Sem CouncilInput must be freed of tendrils (e.g., by fire arrow), first treasure box in the first space &# 8211; jump right from the start point on edge, the second box must be collected quickly &# 8211; let waters rise, fast sprinting through the door and then create ice blockOpal, Big Boomerang
7Da-kikiiShrine must be activated: Dungeon of &# 8220; water Titans Vah Ruta&# 8221; master and then talk to Laruta in the village of Zora, treasure chest on the way to the altarsilver Rubin
8thShi-YotaShrine must be activated: remove four fragile arrows (best with bomb arrows), treasure chest on the way to the altarFire Greatsword
9Sao KohiFighting strong Nano Guardian 2.0moon saber

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Neji-Yoma from 12:01
  • Rukko-Ma from 03:37
  • Sao Kohi from 06:24
  • Ka-Moo at 09:06
  • Kaya Miwa from 11:34
  • Sem Council from 14:28
  • Data from Kusu 19:28
  • Shi-Yota from 22:45
  • Da-kikii from 28:12
1516Zelda - Breath of the game: All the shrines Ranelle Tower

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Faron Tower&# 8221;


1Yao MaayoMagnet module to use - even for treasure chestKnights bow
2Kyuta-NataActivate shrine on task - conversation with Kashiwa (singer in the forest east of Lake Calora)Isolierhose
3Shoda-SawTreasure chest - behind the catapultsKing sword
4Ma-Kaya(Find fragments: the first in the east of Garini, second in the Southwest, the third to Spotze of Cape Isaki) Interview with Garini - Activate shrine on taskKnight's Great Sword
5Tawa-JinuActivate shrine on task - stone tablet from the west Terme Pass examine (the first ball: Labella-bogs, 2. Ball: Kuhan Lake, 3. Ball: kuten Swamp), fighting against HinoxKnight Halberd
6Kugu-chicleFelsplatte disappears Oktorok balloon fight against HinoxGolden ruby
7Sai Uutolet the first box on rocker drop and catapult link even higher - apply Stasi module rockers and get up to the right, the second treasure chest at about the same place - the first treasure chestTravel Sword, Antiquities reactor core
8thMuo-JiimuFight against Nano Guardian 3.0Knights bow

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Yao Maayo from 12:01
  • Kyuta-Nata from 03:01
  • Shoda-Looked at 06:55
  • Ma-Kaya from 10:27
  • Tawa-Jinu from 19:29
  • Kugu-chicle from 25:36
  • Sai Uuto from 38:35
  • Muo-Jimu from 41:53
1343Zelda - Breath of the game: All the shrines Faron Tower

Shrines in the region &# 8220; tower of the lake&# 8221;


1Shi-KuchofuLaying shrine above the activate task scale of Farodra in source of wisdomelectric sword
2Kao-MakaSearch with magnetic module - the first box - behind second metal door, the second treasure chest - behind metal block on the back of the podium, the third treasure chest shortly before the altarTravel Arch, Golden Ruby, Opal
3Shi-TatankeActivate shrine on task - conversation with Lune (at Pafar Coast), in the shrine - Fighting Nano Guardian 2.0King Arch, Fire Greatsword, Antiquities giant nucleus, Forest sword silbener Rubin, 10x Ice Arrow
4Ya-NaagaTreasure chest shortly before the altar - (walking with blasted dice and Para sailing) on ​​a small columnKnight Sword, Opal
5Cougar NittoFight against Nano Guardian 2.0boomerang
6Io Sohfirst treasure box in laser - you can override the laser dice second Schatztruhe - on columns lowered in the background (switch select)Topaz, Antiquities reactor core

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Shi-Kuchofu from 12:01
  • Kao-Maka from 06:07
  • Shi-Tatanke from 09:11
  • Cougar Nitto from 17:33
  • Io Soh from 20:08
  • Ya-Naaga from 22:58
725Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Tower of the lake)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; tower of the Desert&# 8221;


1Kima-ZuusuShrine middle of the sandstorm (northwest corner of Gerudo Desert), tips for finding place of Laina, which is in the northwest of Gerudo city guard, treasure chest behind bars &# 8211; settle behind ball grid on electrodemoon saber
2Dako-TawaActivate shrine on task &# 8211; talk to Nobiro, the (west) is located on the desert bazaar note enemies &# 8211; Nano Guardian, the first treasure chest &# 8211; first elevator midway stop (win with cube distance from the crystal), second Schatzkiste &# 8211; go down just before the second lift, ramp enable crystal switch and drive elevator down, the third treasure box &# 8211; shortly before the altar, the fourth treasure chest &# 8211; Turn on the platform, so that links back to the altar stands and push metal cubes leftMoon saber, Antiquities reactor core, Silver Rubin, Sun Visor
3Guko-ChiseTreasure Chest is part of the puzzleelectric sword
4Rakyu-UroActivate shrine on task &# 8211; go to Sand Robben race after completion of Vah-Naboris Shrine (in the south of Gerudo City)sun Visor
5Hawa-Kaifirst treasure box in the second chamber &# 8211; lift with magnetic module out of the water, note enemies &# 8211; Nano guard second treasure box by bridge with power crystals &# 8211; lift electric ball over the bridge and place on platform right on the wall, the third treasure box in the last section &# 8211; next gearAntique reactor core, golden ruby, sapphire
6To-KayuuActivate shrine on task &# 8211; before there is Moldora &# 8211; must be defeated first, then light 4 torchesKing's Great Sword
7Deira MaShrine in the labyrinth hidden (abbreviation: climb maze, climb from the southeast wall of the maze to the center)barbarians clothes
8thKyoshi-OhFor Shrine &# 8211; Conversation with Rotana in the northwest of Gerudo City, Shrine must be activated &# 8211; 7 balls with magnetic module Search (one already placed three clearly visible in the area, two in the sand, a (on statue Solution: Icons on various points of statues must match balls)Firelance
9Mih-SuhShrine must be activated &# 8211; Conversation with Furosa in a bar in the north of Gerudo Citydiamond
10Suma-samaActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Huts diary in a hut on the Morgana-Berg (solution: cast shadows on the inner circle of the platform, located on cliff near &# 8211; best associated with snow globe at 16:20 on the cliff)Goshin sign, Zanshin short sword, Opal
11Keh-Noinote enemies &# 8211; Nano guard treasure chest in the second room &# 8211; at the other end of the room, second treasure box in the third room &# 8211; get above the entrance to the space, with magnetic moduleGerudo knife
12Jin-Yohuse Stasi module, note enemies &# 8211; Nano guard treasure chest in the third room &# 8211; For per magnet module,opal

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Jin-Yoh from 00:01
  • Keh-Noi from 03:43
  • Dako-Tawa from 6:44
  • Suma-sama from 14:27
  • Guko-Chise from 18:17
  • Kima-Zuusu from 21:52
  • Rakyu-Uro from 27:50
  • Hawa-Kai from 35:13
  • Deira Ma from 39:37
  • To-Kayuu from 42:21
  • Kyoshi-Oh from 46:15
  • Mih-Suh from 54:14
748Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Tower of the Desert)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Gerudo Tower&# 8221;

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-shrines Gerudo tower

1Kui-TakkaShrine must be exposed - ice melt with fire (also works with firearm), fire equipment in the shrine must be filed (so cubes slowly schmlizt), Treasure Chest at 5 high columns of flame just before the altar - slide on other sideIce Sword
2Kima-Kosasause Cryomodul as cover, the fight against Nano Guardian 4.0silver Rubin
3Shi-JitoActivate shrine on task - put Glowstone on pedestal, Treasure Chest on a larger column in the next room to the first roomIce Arrow x5
4Kiha-UActivate shrine on task - conversation with Geggel (stable of Tabanata bridge, shoot the day with electric arrow on landing in northeastern Gerudo Summit)diamond
5June Shiactivate shrine above object - conversation with Gorons (for tests required: Heat resistance of the stage 2 and anthelmintic, at least 2 minutes fire protection features), first treasure box in the first space - as soon as wind turbines operate, run on ramp and slide corner of the room, burn wood panel beneath it - treasure chest in the second roomGerudo-handed sword, lance Gerudo
6Sasa WharfActivate shrine on task - conversation with Kashiwa (Gerudo tower), the fight against Nano Guardian 3.0Ice Sword

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Kui-Takka from 00:01
  • Kima-Kosasa from 04:41
  • Shi-Jito from 08:53
  • Kiha-U from 13:04
  • June-Shi from 16:49
  • Sasa wharf at 27:54
1038Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Gerudo Tower)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; tower of the level&# 8221;


1Ruyo-Taureach treasure chest with catapult and slideEisvogelschwert
2Yakah-Matathe first case in the first room - wall, the second box - shortly after, behind a door, the third treasure chest - boulders must be destroyed in five chest - - next next door, the fourth treasure chest shortly before the altar behind bars column just before startingMushin Greatsword, Sword, Antiquities reactor core, Silver ruby, diamond
3Nia-NeaFor Shrine - from Hyrule Castle in the west (cave at the river edge), the fight against Nano Guardian 2.0knight shield
4Da-KasohFor Shrine - under Digdok suspension bridge, the battle against Nano Guardian 2.0Antique reactor core
5Wago-Katatreasure chest  &# 8211; climbing on lattice cubeZahnshin short sword
6Kata ChukiFight against Nano Guardian 2.0King-Hell Bard
7Namka-OzuFor shrine - to the east from Hyrule Castle (in a boiler of Gongol Hill) battle against Nano Guardian 3.0Ice Lance
8thSasu-KosaFor Shrine - when landing from Hyrule Castle, the battle against Nano Guardian 4.0fire sword

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Ruyo Dew from 12:01
  • Yakah-Mata from 03:05
  • Nia-Nea from 08:35
  • Da-Kasoh from 12:00
  • Wago-Kata from 14:41
  • Kata Chuki from 17:51
  • Namka-Ozu from 20:07
  • Sasu-Kosa from 23:42
1203Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Tower of the plane)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Tower of the hill&# 8221;


1Toh-YassaActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Puzzle in Plateau with 4 column, identical balls have on column (solution: with Stasi module &# 8211; Freeze time and turn on ball), first treasure box will appear in the course of the puzzle second treasure chest on a high column &# 8211; down slide with metal cubesGoshin Shield
2Ma-NoraShrine is well hidden &# 8211; in the middle of closed cavity between the tower and Hühel Hebra Tower (access must be exposed, either bomb arrow or elevated platform with normal bomb)silver Rubin
3Kiwa-ZatasTreasure chest shortly before the altar &# 8211; turn and on way to the altar to the left using Para sailingscale-lance
4Shao-Yutwo treasure chests in the first space &# 8211; sailing high on a wooden platform and when Link is thrown with catapult and para sailing to localityTopaz, Falk bow
5Midda-RokiActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Conversation with Kashiwa in the south of Washa Plateau (on giant mushroom) &# 8211; Link must stand on podium without armor and weapons while Blutmond note enemies &# 8211; Nano Guardian 3.0Ice Sword
6Mo Rataniafirst treasure chest &# 8211; blank drawbridge with arrows downward second treasure chest sting by balls, third Schatzkiste &# 8211; Stairway form and slide on the penultimate stage downForest lance Forest bow, Golden Rubin
7Shi-DagozuActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Conversation with Kashiwa on bridge (between Hyrule level and Niekel-plane), target treasure chest between wells on a small platformLarge electrical sword

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Kiwa-Zatas from 12:01
  • Toh-Yassa from 02:28
  • Midda-Roki from 10:33
  • Shao-Yo from 15:39
  • Ma-Nora from 18:34
  • Shi-Dagozu from 20:47
  • Mon-Ratana from 25:40
1214Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Tower Hill)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Tabanta Tower&# 8221;

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-shrines tabanta-tower

1Ako-Vataall treasure chests in the room with the pool of water - first behind iron gate, 2nd and 3rd right of the pool of water in a nicheAntique reactor core, sapphire, Elster lance
2Vorida-NoActivate shrine on task - to complete Vah-Medoh dungeon and speak with Bella (level of Ako Vata shrine): solve task - 12:40 put on activation platform and attacking with fire, the first treasure chest at the entrance - blast rubble, the second treasure chest go to gun and make moving target - just before the altarFalk bow, diamond
3Sha-Tawahover Para sails to the platform and defeat nano-guard second Schatztruhe at Altar - first SchatzkisteVioletter Rubin, Knight bow
4Uuta-DoActivate shrine on task - to complete Vah-Medoh dungeon and speak with Amali (the shrine): solve task - the first grocer, second entrance to the village near the pond, the third on cliff above armor shop, order of the gusts on the basis of tips reached on sculptures, treasure chests by Para sailingAmber
5Ka-Okyoremoving the stone plate before shrine by Oktorok balloon, first treasure box brings you compartments, second Schatzkiste - behind a wall in a corner, third Schatztruhe - at catapult platform fan upwards fourth Schatztruhe - between barbs at balloon platform, fifth Schatztruhe - Column detonateKrog subjects, Golden Rubin, Forest Sword, Antiquities giant nucleus
6Teina-KyozaFight against Nano Guardian 4.0Gerudo bow

Time stamp for the following video:

  • Ako-Vata from 12:01
  • Vorida-No From 03:19
  • Sha-Tawa from 08:10
  • Uuta-Thu from 11:11
  • Ka-Okyo from 23:18
  • Teina-Kyoza from 31:25
610Zelda - Breath of the Wild: All Shrines (Tabanta Tower)

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Hebra Tower&# 8221;

zelda-breath-of-the-wild-shrines hebra-tower

1Hiya-MiuFight against Nano Guardian 4.0sapphire
2To-KumoFor Shrine &# 8211; Activate shrine in the cave in the mountains &# 8211; with snowball at gateIsolierrüstung, Opal
3Myosu-ShinoActivate shrine on task - conversation with Molli (village of Orni), fight against Nano Guardian 4.0diamond
4Shada-AdaFind magnet module - treasure chestIce Greatsword
5Gaoma-AsaShrine must be opened first - melt ice blocks with fire arrows, flare or firearms, fighting Nano Guardian 4.0King's Great Sword
6Rah-Kuadestroy barrels - first treasure box - with magnetic module opposite the entrance, second crate behind screen doorErzbohrer
7Sha-Gemafirst treasure chest belongs to the puzzle, the second treasure box just before the altar - on a column by Para sailing accessibleKing sword
8thKaza-TokkiFor Shrine - climbs best on the maze and gives you an overviewbarbarians pants
9Kama-RahiFor Shrine &# 8211; Cave to the north from the village of Orni, the first box with The Guardians - accessible by Cryomodul, the second chest - behind a crumbling wall, the third treasure chest shortly before the altar - accessible by magnet module10x bomb arrow, Diamond, Antique reactor core
10Ri-Mosause metal cubes as a bridge to Treasure Chest, the second treasure chest just before Altar - - first treasure chest right at the beginning go over first placed cubesAntique reactor core
11Nokki-MihiFor shrine - in the south of Kokuppi snow field, activate shrine above task - be rolling snowball against Tor, open treasure chest with ball, which is held by two ropes - cut rope leftdiamond
12Rano-KuhiiFor Shrine - cave in eastern Hebra Lake: fast swim through cold water, best to swim from the east of the caveGolden ruby
13Dounba-Tacast barrel with Stasi module to switch second box - - first crate ball ramp throw high (with stasis and bombs) to activate the second switchFalk arc, electric Greatsword

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Tower of forests&# 8221;


1Rona-KahtaShrine must be found first &# 8211; , Use the back of the temple with Para sailing updrafts and fly guardsFire Greatsword
2Monya-TomaTreasure chest on platform that you shot her &# 8211; Link fling of catapultelectric sword
3Miiro-TsuhiWeapons in treasure box carry to the puzzle in, treasure chest to the left of the altar &# 8211; go to the next room and use one-handed weapon for puzzles2x Eisenhammer, Antiquities giant nucleus
4Kito-WawaiActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Quest torch starts in Deubran ruins, advantageous struggle with Hinox opens ShrineAntique reactor core
5Mahmu-RanoActivate shrine on task &# 8211; on inspections of the Krog (secondary task of Papistus, then talk to Damius)Ancient giant nucleus
6Kiyo-UhTip for Solution: Consider how often the pattern shown on the big star map.Knight's Great Sword
7Da-ChokahiActivate shrine on task &# 8211; then talk about the tests Krog (secondary task of Papistus with Tazius, sneak &# 8211; even if Fraxinus crying for help)Antique reactor core
8thKun-ShidajiActivate shrine on task &# 8211; on inspections of the Krog (secondary task of Papistus, then talk to Azukius, magnet module used)Ancient giant nucleus

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Eldin Tower&# 8221;


1Ta-MurActivate shrine on task - conversation with Mero (barn at Mount), the first treasure chest in the second room - burn vines and look for wooden platform, the second treasure box - Door for Open with key, treasure chest 3 and 4 - destroy boxes and tendrils in the last roomclimbing boots
2Kyu-Ramuhifirst treasure box belongs to mystery second treasure box in the same room - puzzles with scales on the wall above the chestKnight's Great Sword
3Keha-RamaActivate shrine on task &# 8211; Conversation with Baladon (cottage in northwestern Goron City), balls in the shrine can be stopped by stasis, first treasure chest at the beginning of the ramp - in right niche second Schatztruhe above - run all the way up and slide down: chest is on the right side of altar on deckRhodonit, 5x bomb arrow
4Gu AchitohActivate shrine on task - conversation with Baket to master cutting Cliff test: a lot of stamina neededIce Greatsword
5Daka-Kafirst Schatzkiste the Giant cubes - look to the entrance and slide at high spin in this directionsilbener Rubin
6Moa Kishitosecond ball stop and run up its ramp - first Schatztruhe above a rampknight sword
7Shimo-Itosefirst treasure box in the first space - make barrel on the bottom switch (alternatively link and fix with stasis), opens to the chest, chest second one level higher - on the back of the stairs, third Schatztruhe belongs to mysteryRock splitters, Rhodonit, 10x ice arrow
8thShora-Hafind shrine - increase in Lore, which is located at the margin of the lake (move with bombs), treasure chest 1 and 2 - when spiked ball rolls toward the link stop with stasis and gather trunks, third treasure box in the next section - stop water jet and spark updraft then the third treasure slide to the chest, opposite - bring with magnetic module, fighting nano-guard, fifth treasure chest in space in front of the altar - in addition to individual torchKnights bow
9SadarjFight against Nova guard, treasure chest in front of the altar - down pick up small wooden platform with magnetic moduleKnights bow

Shrines in the region &# 8220; Akkala Tower&# 8221;


1Kah-Tosaplay "Mini Golf" and earn chest - treasure chest behind the altarIce Greatsword
2Dahi-ShiinoFight against Nano Guardian 2.0Ancient giant nucleus
3Tsutsua-NimaActivate shrine on task - to source of power (in the west of the stable of East Akkala), fight against Nano Guardian 4.0 in the shrine - build Cryomodul obstaclesfire sword
4Jizu-KafuiMovement control of the controller to use, treasure box in the second space - on the last rotating block access (crystal switch by pressing arrow)fire sword
5Toh-KaroFor Shrine - on labyrinth climb (best location: just to the left / west next to the large square)Firelance
6Zuna-KaiStart shrine on task - conversation with Jerrin (in Akkala Institute) to find side quest "The other researchers," shrine - in the north of the lake from the top of the cliff from slideAncient giant nucleus, sapphire, Elster lance
7Ritah-ZumoActivate shrine on task - grab ball to spiral and bring to the center of the landing on the peninsula (eg with raft in the south of the island or by Cryomodul.)Ancient giant nucleus
8thKenii-ShikaFor Shrine - behind brittle rock wall at top of the cliff (in Ultra Gorge), the fight against Nano Guardian 3.0sapphire

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