The 100 Season 3 starts on July 27 in Germany on free TV!

The 100 was supposed to today on free TV start, but the post-apocalyptic survival of 100 young people from the Ark only continues next week. All episodes of the third season are online already longer available in Germany. As of 27.07. 2016, but can also delight those who prefer to watch the new episodes of the series on Pro7!

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The fourth season of The 100 has been approved by The CW. The 16 episodes of the third season have already aired in the US and you will at the same time, for example, Amazon *The 100 Season 3 starts on July 27 in Germany on free TV! and iTunes *The 100 Season 3 starts on July 27 in Germany on free TV! be pursued in the stream. In addition, Sixx has in recent months the first season & Second Season The 100 free TV repeatedly.

The 100 Season 3 in the stream at Amazon*

The 100 Season 3 from July in German Free-TV & Online Stream

The third season was released in the United States of 2016 and the first quarter of the season finale flickered across the screens recently. And until we get further insight into the events on the atomic contaminated soil on German television, must not pass a lot of time. Without spoilers, can you perhaps already tell that it goes extremely exciting &# 8211; especially as regards the development of Clarke.

Unfortunately, the series has lost its place in prime time at Pro7. This has to do with the fact that the broadcast of the second season, could not repeat the success of the first season. The more pleasing but the fact that the third season starting at the July 27 in the German Free TV is broadcast, albeit only from 22.15, and each in double episodes.

The 100 Season 2 on DVD*

The 100 is back staffel 3 start

But as long as you can easily pass the time and to nourish the complete works of the literary side, because the novel series of Kaas Morgan, The 100 *The 100 Season 3 starts on July 27 in Germany on free TV!, yet opened another perspective on the nested narratives of the series. The inner psychic developments of the protagonists will become more and get more depth. Even those who have seen the series, so probably not bored with the novel, but then be even more fascinated by the Arkadierinnen.

For entertainment to free TV start you may even throw a look at our list of series that are like The 100th Or at least similar and not hot mustard, which in this context &# 8211; justifiably &# 8211; is actually always called.

The very good news for fourth season &# 8211; as mentioned above &# 8211; again in the words of Jason Rothenberg:

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dare ever seen a little sneak preview? The 100 current season on the CW library or E4 with detours

From the first season of the series 13 episodes were produced. The second season already came up with 16 episodes and also the third season consists of 16 parts. After the fourth season we can also expect a fifth hopefully. Who gets along without synchronization, can a small detour ever sneaken: In the States The 100 is aired on The CW, in the UK on E4. Both can use not directly from Germany. but if you can change its IP address to a service such as Unblock Us, you can see the program here.

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Clarke grounder with hairstyle and makeupsmall spoiler & interesting information about the grounder

Clarke leaves the finale of the second season, the camp Jaha and goes into the forest alone. pass about three months between the end of the second and the beginning of the third season. Photos that have already appeared on the third season, Clarke show in a costume that is strongly reminiscent of the grounder. If they become a grounder? Who are these grounder exactly?

  • The language of the grounder that Trigedasleng was developed by the linguist David Peterson. The same is also behind the language Dothraki in Game of Thrones.
  • The names of the grounder often have a deeper meaning and are reminiscent of the old world from nuclear disaster. Emori example, is an allusion to the Washington DC War MEmorias. Otan is part of the name Botanical gardens. Lincoln is obviously an allusion to the President Abraham Lincoln.
  • The face painting was very carefully designed &# 8211; much more carefully than, for example, is the case with the latest Winnetou filming of RTL. Various paintings were tried, until it finally came to a satisfactory result for Rothenberg.

Extended Trailer The 100 Season 3:

5868The 100 Season 3 Extended Trailer The CW

Source: Images via Amazon; © Warner Brothers / TheCW / ProSieben

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