What’s taskeng.exe – and is it dangerous?

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You want to find out what is behind the cryptic abbreviations in your Task Manager? "Taskeng.exe" is not dangerous in itself and must not be removed from you. Sometimes, however, a virus can hide behind it also.

What's taskeng.exe - and is it dangerous?
process nametask Scheduler
productWindows Vista / 7
safetyplease note instructions

Danger: As with all system files that malware such as viruses, trojans and backdoors can accept the names of various system files and try you to deceive applies to "taskeng.exe".

taskeng.exe - What is it

taskeng.exe called the Task Scheduler service in Windows Vista and Windows 7. It covers set by the user time-limited tasks, manages them and starts them if the provide the specifications.

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How dangerous is taskeng.exe

Taskeng.exe is not to be confused with taskmgr.exe that performs the task manager. Especially in PCs with Windows Vista as the operating system performance issues often occur. However, terminating the file is not possible, since it automatically restarts.

Sometimes hidden behind the file but also arglist malware applications. If the file is twice a task manager, a copy is not in the C: \ Windows \ System32 should you urgently action against malware make.