Fallout 4: alien blaster gun – the site where the unique weapon in the video

With the alien blaster gun you can find a unique weapon that there is only at a specific location in the game in Fallout 4th To do this you make a close encounter of the third kind. In our guide, including video we tell you where you can get the alien blaster pistol.

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In Fallout 4 there is a plethora of details to discover, if you hold only the eyes open. These include the holotape games or the Vault-Tec loose dolls. In the following video you can see now the The locality of the alien blaster gun, it is only by an alien that is fresh crashed with his UFO in the Commonwealth.

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Fallout 4: find alien blaster pistol

As the above video shows a trace of green slime leads away from a crashed spacecraft towards a cavity, in which a Zetaner (which alien race in fallout 4) has found refuge. The Zetaner you can easily kill and its unique weapon that alien blaster gun, remove it. Grab the Ammunition for the gun Because it is the only ammunition in the game from him that ye shall find. Think about so when you want to use the weapon well.

After the crash, you find the spaceship just east of the Oberland station.After the crash, you find the spaceship just east of the Oberland station.

However, the spacecraft is not originally there. It crashes in the course of your adventure, what you can observe the sky with a loud roar. Exactly when this happens is unknown. Just play ahead until the crash proceeds.

Values ​​of alien blaster gun

Although the fun with the Alien blaster gun after about 500 rounds is over, they provide at this time for orderly terror among the opponents. You verschießt special AB cartridges and causes energy damage. In addition, it is light and is used as a one-handed weapon. The other specifications fall as follows:

  • damage: 50 (Energy)
  • Ammunition: AB cartridges
  • fire rate100
  • reach: 119
  • precision: 73
  • mass: 2.5
  • value1551

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