PC Health Advisor: Download safe and useful? All info

By ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor is to you a tool at hand be given to that fix problems on your computer as well as the performance is to increase the computer. Although the program displays several errors, you want to fix them, but have 40 € paid. That raises the question: Is it worth it?

PC Health Advisor: Download safe and useful? All info

The download from the PC Health Advisor itself is free. The tool displays at the first use of several mistakes that need to be addressed on a PC. A correcting any problems is possible only through the enabling of PC Health Advisor with a license.

PC Health Advisor: Features

The PC Health Advisor offers, among other tools to optimize:

  • driver
  • processes
  • registry
  • data protection
  • performance Tuning
  • defragmentation
  • Free up disk space
  • improve system startup
  • clean up junk files
  • protection

pc-health advisor-screenshot-2

sounds in the first place, this looks to a rich and comprehensive software package.

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PC Health Advisor: Worth the download

The same features that you offers the PC Health Advisor, you can, however, also available with free programs. In our download area you can find all the tools equivalent to PC Health Advisor Download assume the same functions, without thereby hike € 40 over the virtual counter. The following tools are recommended as you PC Health Advisor replacement:

Malware Scanner and AntiVirus

In our area of ​​free antivirus tools will protect you from viruses, Trojans, etc. you many free ones. Especially recommended here are:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware
  • Avast Free Antivirus
  • AVG Antivirus
  • Bitdefender

Will seek to ensure that the virus database of the programs is kept regularly up to date to detect any current dangers in time. In addition, you should install the free RKill tool. This will stop unauthorized processes running, who hide in the background and could possibly manipulate the proper use of a virus scanner.


An additional tool to defragment the hard disk under Windows you do not need, especially not a paid, as is the case with ParetoLogic PC Health Advisor. Followed one of the following instructions to achieve the same effect for lau:

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  • Windows 7 disk defragment &# 8211; automatically
  • Windows Vista defragment: So you make your PC faster
  • The hard disk in Windows XP defragment How To&# 8217; s made #
  • defragment hard drive and make faster
PC Health Advisor: Download safe and useful? All infoDefragmenting works without a PC Health Advisor

System cleanup and optimization, and registry cleanup

In order to free the computer from excess baggage, the use of CCleaner is recommended. The program detects and removes dead also entries in the registry useless files.

PC Health Advisor: Download safe and useful? All info

clear browser history

Also for cleaning up the browser history not an expensive tool must be used. In our image-by-image-guidance you learn as you get a clean browser without the PC Health Advisor.

Delete Browsing History: So it goes with Firefox, IE, Chrome and Android

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