iTunes is Apple's music and video software with Sync for iOS devices. The download and use of iTunes are free. Apple's media management is not only for owners of iPad or iPhone, but can also be used for the organization of the movies and music on your own hard drive. Meanwhile exists the version iTunes 12.7.

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With the iTunes download you own a software from Apple, which does not not only play music, burn songs to CD and rip audio CDs and CDs can convert to MP3. It provides the user also has access to the iTunes store, through which you can buy and download music, videos, movies and mobile applications for the iOS devices iPhone, iPad and iPod.

With iTunes 12.7 some innovations keep the program collection, its our article on iTunes 12.7 can read. Already since version 12.2 iTunes brings access to Apple Music on Windows PCs.

Furthermore, the free iTunes download also includes the music recommendation feature Genius. These searches are listening to the song out similar songs from the repertoire of its own library and the iTunes Store. Songs found can then bought example, the iTunes Store, or created from these and playlists.

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The iTunes download delivers music player and management center in a

Cover for your music albums brings iTunes via automatic download from the Internet and provides your MP3 files then it. The grid display (Cover Flow) can represent your music collection in the form of these albums cover. Furthermore, you can proceed with the organization of your music collection by artist, genres or composers. iTunes automatically creates groups based album this election, to browse these groups a mouse movement is only necessary. The grid view also works with movies and podcasts and audio books. The current version of iTunes has been made more accessible for users with visual impairments. So the library in iTunes can be read on Mac and Windows.

Apple has also made possible with the Home Sharing that you can synchronize its iTunes libraries in the household with up to five computers. With the iTunes library you keep an overview of the entire media collection, there are audio books, apps, iPhone load&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>Music or videos (see also the tutorial: "What is iTunes Music correctly, goes&# 8217; s ").

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With other computers purchased music is also automatically synchronized on demand among music archives. With iTunes Match can be beyond the go access to the entire music collection directly from the iCloud.

Browse to the iTunes download in the Store

In addition, iTunes provides access to the iTunes Store. Apple's store offers a wide range of apps, movies, books, music and other media content. With iTunes U can also receive the iTunes download access to an extensive selection of various scientific works and services of high-level universities worldwide.

The Genius Mix feature can create based on the songs in your library new playlists that contain matched music. Here, playlists can be created by genres or artists.

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The for iPod (touch), the iPad or iPhone &# 8211; Apple's secret weapons in interaction&# 8221; href =&# 8221; http: // 8221; target =&# 8221; _ blank&# 8221;>iPhone purchased and downloaded applications can be sorted within iTunes as they appear later in the display of the devices.

The social network iTunes Ping had deactivated a short appearance in the software world, and since September 30, 2012 found. Nevertheless, users have to do without communication components in Apple's media center. Content and interests can be shared via social buttons with friends. Songs that tell friends can be purchased directly at the store with a click.

iTunes Download ScreenshotWith the iTunes download not only iPhone and iPad users can manage their media collection

organize iTunes MP3s, movies and apps

  • Play music and movies
  • Organize their own media library
  • Synchronizing songs, movies, emails, contacts, photos and apps between your PC and iOS device

The download contained herein is intended for Windows PC users. Mac users will find them here for iTunes for Mac download.

Here to download iTunes gets her 32-Bit, also available iTunes is 64-bit. Users of 64-bit systems should use the latter issue, since only they can exhaust the special architecture of 64-bit systems.

  • reliable management of movies and music
  • transfer iPhone and iPad content
  • rich features for playing media
  • for older iOS devices may cause synchronization problems
  • some video formats are not supported


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