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The workshop settlements and the building of settlements expects you a new big feature in Fallout 4, with which you can deal you spend hours away from the post-apocalyptic fiction role-playing game. However, just at the beginning you slay the possibilities, which is why we tell you in our great guide exactly how ye must build settlements, increased morale and can assign settlers correct.

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settlements allow you to build a new home for numerous hikers looking for a new home in the Badlands. Within the green-marked boundaries the approximately 30 Workshop settlements the game can pay off their scrap, build structures and continually increase your population. In our huge Housing Development Guide learn her everything on the subject building settlements, increase morale and assign settlers.


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Fallout 4: settlements &# 8211; Locations of all settlements

Before you go to the settlements, you have to find an appropriate place where you are allowed you to settle. The first can be found right at the beginning after leaving the Vaults 111 in Sanctuary. In a Tutorial quest series explained to you Sturges of the Minutemen all important to the workshop settlements. More can be found in the tips and guide to the perfect start in Fallout 4. In addition, but there are still 29 other places where you can settle you. below on the map they are all listed.

Source: gosunoob.comSource: gosunoob.com

Unlock Workshop settlements

Before you can start at one location with the settlements, you have to activate the respective workshop that is always there in red color at any point of the settlement. However, there are other conditions that must be met.

  • Some settlements are of Passage (Raiders, Gunnern) or Wasteland Creatures occupied. Eliminating all threats to unlock the place to build.
  • A few workshop settlements can you simply activate that.
  • Some places are already occupied and you can watch the right to development by Fulfilling quests for the settlers to earn.
  • Completed the Minutemen Quests, to gradually unlock for more settlements.
A red workshop highlighted the possibility of settlement construction.A red workshop highlighted the possibility of settlement construction.

Settlements built: Getting Started

As it now stands before you, your first area for tilling. In Workshop settlements can you switch within the green marked boundaries and exercise as you want. However, to begin construction, you need scrap and the contained basic components. therefore best following consulted Guide before construction starts.

Fallout 4: recycle scrap - so you can find all the materials and ingredients that you need

Before you randomly starts with the settlements now, observe the following tips.

  • Look in a new settlement to shop around and recycled scrap, whom you do not need. Everywhere are usually around old structures decayed trees or other objects which will process it directly and you can use as materials for construction.
  • In each settlement, the requirements of the settlers to have Food, water, energy, shelter and beds be sufficiently met for the residents happy and morale increases.
  • You can also ignore the values. Residents will survive without your help. Do you want to expand, however, you should always keep in the blue range all values.
  • As a rule of thumb you can remember you: Hold your protection value at least equal to the amount of food and water.
  • Beds can always use it. already are beds available in a settlement, this so not recycled. For your population can only grow if enough beds for all are there.
Power pylons supplying electronic devices within a certain radius with energy even without a cord.Power pylons supplying electronic devices within a certain radius with energy even without a cord.

Useful Perks on settlement

Note that you do not have all building options available from the start. For some, you need the following perks.

  • local leader &# 8211; Both ranks at level 14 and a charisma value of 6: This allows you to set up supply routes between your settlements and the construction of shops and workstations.
  • weapons freak &# 8211; Rank 3 at level 25 and an intelligence value of 3: Allow yourself the installation of advanced gun positions such as missile towers.
  • science &# 8211; All ranks from level 1 and an intelligence value of 6: Allow yourself the manufacture of high-tech workshop objects (for example, large generators and industrial water purifier).
  • hacker &# 8211; All ranks from level 1 and an intelligence value of 4: Allow yourself more functions of existing computer terminals in workshop settlements. So you can remotely control their guns or coordinate light sources.
  • doctor &# 8211; All ranks from level 1 and an intelligence value of 2: Required for construction of some special shops.
  • Master trader &# 8211; Rank 2 at level 20 and a charisma value of 1: Required for construction of some special shops.

assign settlers

Many workshop objects that you build, need a settler who cares about that resource. This you recognize the fact that in the particular object in the window a red Vault Boy Icon you can see. Click therefore in the workshop menu on a Wagon and then the unoccupied resource to assign it.

The carrot is planted. Now you have to assign to harvest only a settler.The carrot is planted. Now you have to assign to harvest only a settler.

With this method, you can also assign settlers complex tasks, such as the occupation of sentinel or managing stores. Settlers who were not allocated to any resource, dedicated to Obtaining scrap and contribute something to fill in your resources. About the trade window of every inhabitant can you them Press weapons and armor in the hand, so that they are fortified in raids.

Do you have the first rank of Perks local leader already trained, you get the settlers also assign the option establish a supply route. Thus, this settler is travelers moving fixed routes between your settlements. In this way, your settlements share one and the same stock and you have no longer anything back tedious and herschleppen.

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build Plünderstation

The Plünderstation Fallout 4 can be found in construction mode under Resources and Other. It costs you 5x and 3x steel timber &# 8211; and that every day. Have you built the station, you have a assign settlers. He then wanders and plunder materials that it processes into valuable items using your daily payments. They can be:

  • steel
  • Wood
  • rubber
  • concrete
  • nuclear material
  • fertilizer
  • screw
  • typewriter
  • material

What substances are in daily use in Plünderstation, we do not know. It switches itself off. scrap as Steel and wood be found more often nuclear material is there already rare.

To use the Plünderstation in Fallout 4, you must assign a settlerTo use the Plünderstation in Fallout 4, you must assign a settler

expanding its more Plünderstationen and it has to be a settler, he is not working on both. However, you can build more and assign them to different settlers.

Would you like a assign settlers, click on the workshop menu and run to a settler. Selects it and then goes back to Fallout 4-Plünderstation to select Assign. Do not worry. The settlers will not immediately start. Do you want to play it safe, you have once again into the workshop menu button and then hover over the settlers. The Plünderstation should now highlighted be.

increase morale and boost population

So that your population is satisfied and the morale rises, Of course all the needs of the settlers must be satisfied. In addition, you should still consider the following tips.

  • New Settlers can attract her by the construction of radio stations. Connects this via a cable to a generator and soon the first inhabitants of spin one.
  • You want to quickly increase the population of a place? Go into your other settlements and calls for local inhabitants to move to your settlement.
  • You can also your Send your companion in settlements. They also come as population, but can not be assigned any specific tasks.
  • Your Charisma value determines your maximum population capacity. A single workshop settlement can accommodate up to 10 residents plus one for every inhabitant of your attribute points in Charisma.
  • Some NPCs of the Commonwealth can be also in talks to convince to move to one of your settlements.
  • Some settlers have Worries or small tasks, where you can take you. This also has a positive impact on the morale.
  • Met her all the needs of your settlers and their efficiency increases with assigned tasks.
  • Active you can increase by her rushes in attacks to your village and completing a defense morality. The presence of Dogmeat boosts the morale of the people.
  • Advanced building as Clinics and shops for weapons, clothes, food and drink also have a positive effect on morale.
One of your settlements should serve you as a base, you have at all important workbenches.One of your settlements should serve you as a base, you have at all important workbenches.

Advanced tips for building settlements

You are already familiar with the mechanisms in settlements may help you the following tips.

  • Issues of the journal &# 8220; picket fences&# 8221; turn you free some special furniture, plants, fences and even statues or fountains that are allowed to build it in your settlements. We show you all the localities &# 8220; picket fences&Journals; #. 8221
  • You can unlock the special flags each fraction for the construction, after ye have joined them.
  • Walks into Sanctuary in your house from the prologue. It is still Shaun's Crib, which you use and you can then rebuild in Sanctuary.
  • Builds on ordinary foundation. Do you want to achieve a clean look of your villages, makes use of structures, creating a level surface.
  • thinks vertically and expands in the height to save space. So you have more space to grow food.

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  • Your settlers make weapons lying around to Use and even rise in vacant Power armor.
  • Your Brahmins are constantly around in the way? then builds Feeders, to fix them in one place.
  • Waterside villages have the advantage that you them with water conditioners can be used for water supply optimal.
  • protect your Generators in the center of your town and provides other devices to the outside via cables. So you can maintain and better protect your generators against attacks by Raider a power supply in emergency situations.
  • A high conservation value makes your settlers happy. So make use of automated gun emplacements, provides sentinels, and has armed settlers or even use traps, the can you control via computer terminal via switch.

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