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What makes 2016 our beloved horror genre? At first glance, especially a lot of reboots, remakes and sequels. Whether the horror film actually reprints as &# 8220; Cabin Fever&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; Leatherface&# 8221 ;, &Ring; # 8220&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; Amityville: The Awakening&# 8221 ;, &# 8220; Ouija 2&# 8243; or &Strangers 2; # 8220&# 8243; needs, should we be times no matter at this point. For we have taken care especially to those horror movies that do not use numbers in the title and tell new stories. Here's our top list of the most important horror films 2016th 

Video: do not miss the main film starts in 2016!
115602The main film starts in 2016

horror movies-2016Horror Movies 2016: The Witch

Eyewitnesses know only good news to report. With &# 8220; The Witch&# 8221; seems newcomer Robbert Eggers to be a brilliant debut succeeded that would probably make the former production designer in 2016 to star director. From the beautiful and already bestaunenden trailer imagery about the provocative tone of the film to his grudging final &# 8211; &# 8220; The Witch&# 8221; is not without reason that the top of our list.

Release: Not yet known

20102The Witch Trailer

Horpicture 8rorfilme 2016: Unfriend

Social media are completely arrived in horror. Also in 2016, some horror movies try again because the Facebook & Co. to address related fears and dangers. In &Unfriend; # 8220&# 8221; However, this happens in a rather superficial way. currently the film gets quite a lot of attention because it is communicated as German production. Due to the English-language casts and the rotation in South Africa the matter with the German horror film but arg relatively again. Whether her the friend request &Unfriend; # 8220&# 8221; should accept or not, learn it soon in our film criticism.

Release: January 7, 2016


Horror Movies 2016Horror Movies 2016: We are still here

With &# 8220; We are still here&# 8221; the enterprising director, writer and producer Ted Geoghegan has fought his way into the German cinemas. His small, fine horror flick can build a lot of atmosphere in spite of tight budgets. This is due to the successful cast and the fact that &# 8220; We are still here&# 8221; works primarily as a harmonious tribute to the heavy US ghost films of the late 70s.

Release: January 7, 2016





Horrorfilme2016-7Horror Movies 2016: Bunny the Killer Thing

will be that this movie ever seen in a German cinema, is virtually impossible. So please just reserve times and access to the DVD release. The film is the way to a half-human, half-rabbit-like creature that is killing very many Finns. But this can be seen quite well even the trailer.

Release: Direct to DVD


Horror movies-2016Horror Movies 2016: The Hallow

Even if the horror film in recent years drew attention with controversial topics and fresh approaches to again and again &# 8211; sometimes it also does just well-made genre cinema. With &# 8220; The Hallow&# 8221; coming talent Corin Hardy delivers just that and already got this much encouragement. Who wants to atmospheric Creature horror again, should not miss this film.

Release: March 24, 2016

9247The Hallow - Trailers

picture 7Horror Movies 2016: The Hive

thanks &# 8220; The Hive&# 8221; is the young David Yarovesky currently everywhere welcomed as a great horror discovery. Homemade men like James Gunn (&# 8220; Guardians of the Galaxy&# 8221) speak out publicly for this film. So if you still looking for a horror movie with the label surprise hit in 2016, then you have probably just found him.

Release: end of 2016 


The_Forest_PosterHorror Movies 2016: The Forest

Unequal conventional and thanks spoiler trailer also comes beautifully transparent &# 8220; The Forest&# 8221; with Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer therefore. The story of the Japanese suicide forest has already been in a number of horror films (better?) Discussed and acts &# 8220; The Forest&# 8221; frumpy little before its release. but let's wait to the contrary like. After all, the film is still flavored with a twin story and we have not been in a horror movies so often&# 8230; ehhh yes.

Release: February 4, 2016

5564The Forest Trailer

Horror movies 2016-1Horror Movies 2016: Martyrs

One of the toughest, most controversial and best for many genre connoisseurs horror films of recent years gets missed the inevitable US remake. Meanwhile, since even very prestigious and talented directors such as Michael Haneke (&# 8220; Funny Games&# 8221) could endure this fate stoically, it makes hardly any sense to think about the stupidity uttered these films funny. There they stop. If you like, you can just ignore them eventually. We do that anyway.

Release: Not yet known





MV5BMTk1MzgyMTkwMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDQ2NDQzNzE @ ._ V1__SX1684_SY776_Horror Movies 2016: The Other Side of the Door

Fear western center stand before &# 8220; other cultures&# 8221 ;, the loss of their own child and the door into the dark afterlife &# 8211; With &# 8220; The Other Side of the Door&# 8221; converts Johannes Roberts on pretty worn out paths. But who knows, maybe good genre cinema lies here so there. With the out &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221; known Sarah Wayne Callies has at least ever found a competent Scream Queen.


Horror movies 2016-2Horror Movies 2016: The Boy

And once again we are dealing with a rising young actress from a hit TV series. This time it is the values Lauren Cohan out &# 8220; The Walking Dead&# 8221 ;. And similar &# 8220; The Forest&# 8221; do good also &# 8220; The Boy&# 8221; not just by its unusual subject matter out. Horror innovations should not expect the inclined fan here so. The eerie doll celebrates William Brent Bell Movie (&# 8220; Devil Inside&# 8221;) namely a not-overdue comeback in mainstream horror. Of course, the film works with a terrifying ghost story. Could be nice, but also sees a bit of a pickle.

Release: February 18, 2016 


Horror movies 2016-3Horror Movies 2016: The Neon Demon

is his latest work, Nicolas Winding Refn (&# 8220; Drive&# 8221) reportedly convert to much gloomy paths. With Keanu Reeves and Jena Malone in the lead roles is Winding Refn takes the youth and beauty cult in L.A. to the chest. That &# 8220; The Neon Demon&# 8221; this genre cinema really is, we dare to doubt. For this, the acclaimed director is simply too maverick commuters. We can not wait for the first trailer. Be sure to keep in mind.

Release: Not yet known. 

First_Teaser_Poster_For_Phantasm_V_Ravager_2014-03-28_18-28Horror Movies 2016: Phantasm: Ravager

The &Phantasm; # 8220&# 8221; series (Evil) is revered cultically decades of loyal fans and that with &# 8220; Phantasm: Ravager&# 8221; 2016 finally &# 8220; grand finale&# 8221; range comes, makes in these circles for sweaty palms. That J.J. Abrams`Production company Bad Robot also promised a 4K restoration of the original, makes 2,016 well for fans of the series to the best year since 1979. Here is the first teaser &# 8220; Phantasm: Ravager&# 8221 ;.

Release: Not yet known. 

3111Hhantasm ravanger

MV5BOTE5MTg0ODk4M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwNzMxNTAzNzE @ ._ V1__SX1684_SY776_Horror Movies 2016: Pride & prejudice & Zombies

We know honestly do not know what we of &# 8220; Pride & Prejudice & Zombies&# 8221; should hold. What sounded on a small Horror Lovers Festival first for a nice-stupid movie night, is now, according to trailer a fairly lush scale, but somehow still half-baked affair. Whether the balance between modernized Jane Austin and zombie-trash actually succeeds or at the end but only a shallow joke for horror novice comes out remains to be seen.

Release: April 21, 2016 


Horror movies 2016-6

MV5BMjIzNzAyMDk4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwODM0NTU2NjE @ ._ V1__SX1684_SY776_Horror Movies 2016: Bridgend

In Germany, the 2014 crazy &# 8220; Bridgend&# 8221; Unfortunately, no lender still found. A fact that is difficult to understand in view of the many positive reviews and the beautifully-exciting trailer. The debut of director Jeppe Rønde the truth is taking a series of mysterious teenage suicides in a Welsh town to the subject.


Horror movies 2016-5Horror Movies 2016: Nina Forever

Very beautiful. Also in 2016 can be in the horror genre back all sorts of weirdness and daring place. With &# 8220; Nina Forever&# 8221; A special horror is real here, which many may have already experienced by us. What if the ex-girlfriend suddenly reappears in the head during sex with the New. Just not in the head, but for real. And not just so, but&# 8230; well&# 8230; see for yourself One of the great horror Insider 2016..

Release: Not yet known. 4700nina-forever-trailer-35180.mp4

picture 4Horror Movies 2016: Lights out

When a minimalist staged Short suddenly goes viral, Hollywood is producing shortly afterwards guaranteed with a shitty contract in the door and wants a full-length film. For the director of the short film &# 8220; Lights Out&# 8221 ;, David Sandberg, this stroke of luck, of course, is very encouraging. If &# 8220; Lights Out&# 8221; but really has what it takes to shudder us seriously at the movies &# 8211; we will see. Here is certainly the short film, based on which the film.

Release: Not yet known. 

picture 6Horror Movies 2016: Backtrack

Since the classic psychological thriller until further notice is dead, we grant &Backtrack; # 8220&# 8221; here temporarily Horror Asylum. has with Adrien Brody and Sam Neill &Backtrack; # 8220&# 8221; two quite capable player, but somewhat underemployed actor in store that will give loudly trailer even a bit of effort. The story seems not quite involuntarily in the wake of the genre classic&# 8221; The 6th Sense&# 8221; fish for his audience. Could just be nice because of its tasteful design. but it can also backfire.

Release: Not yet known. 1429Backtrack Trailer

a-monster-calls-posterHorror Movies 2016: A Monster Calls

Even the big Hollywood money can overlook the one time or another in 2016 in the horror genre. With &# 8220; A Monster Calls&# 8221; we have a star-studded (Liam Neeson, Felicity Jones, Sigourney Weaver) novel adaptation before us by YES. Bayona is staged. The expected horror connoisseurs not be a stranger, but he drew for &# 8220; The Orphanage&# 8221; and a few episodes &# 8220; Penny Dreadful&# 8221; responsible. In the book a little boy processes the cancer of his mother in amazing ways. It all sounds pretty good so far. Here is the teaser.

Release: end of 20163302A Monster Calls Teaser

MV5BMTM3NjA1NDMyMV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDQzNDMzOQ @@ ._ V1__SX1684_SY776_Horror Movies 2016 The Conjuring 2 &# 8211; The Enfield Poltergeist

Of the several horror reboots and sequels, also in 2016 we dish up the producers once again, we are interested in &# 8220; The Conjuring 2&# 8243; still most likely. &# 8220; Fast & Furious 7&# 8243; director and &# 8220; Saw&Creator; # 8221 James Wan the continuation of its very solid and visually attractive film has in fact not given, but staged themselves.

Release: June 16, 20162753the-conjuring-2-the-enfield-poltergeist-official-trailer-2016-horror-movie-hd-1872.mp4

picture 5Horror Movies 2016: Crabs!

No list about upcoming horror movies without new monsters. Most of them we have left once on your left, after all, there are so many that it is difficult even hardcore fans to keep track. With &# 8220; Crabs!&# 8221; we have listed those monster movie here representative whose premise has us liked best. And goes like this: With the Fukushima disaster horseshoe crabs are verstrahl radioactive and mutate into deadly beasts that attack a Oversleeping small town in California.


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