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In Steam Screenshots of her most memorable game moments can create and look at you later, your personal highlights again. We show you how it works and what location it finds the Steam screenshots later.

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Steam the most famous games download client at all and provides you access to thousands of downloadable games. In addition, Steam offers many more or less useful functions, such as the steam level, Steam Gems or Steam in-home streaming. One of the best features of Steam is undoubtedly creating Screenhots. So you can hold your personal game highlights and present them later posterity.

So created their Steam Screenshots

Steam screenshots to create is not particularly difficult. Are you in the game you just press the F12 &# 8211; Steam makes immediately a screenshot of the currently displayed scene and save a screenshot on the hard disk (more to the location below). It does not matter whether the game is paused or not &# 8211; Screenshots can you basically in Steam at any time to record.

Steam Screenshots key combinationIn the settings of Steam you can specify a keyboard shortcut for creating screenshots.

The key with the records in the screenshot can you change the way in the settings. Go to the settings (top left: Steam>Settings) and then click on the tab in the game. In the field Screenshot hotkey you can then enter the desired key for receiving the screenshots.

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Location of Steam Screenshots &# 8211; So is it your pictures

About the Steam client you your screenshots will later also. so goes&# 8217; s:

View Steam ScreenshotsThe screenshots be found in each of the individual games in the games library.
      1. First, open Steam and then go to your library
      2. have clicked created in the list on the left, the game in which you the screenshot.
      3. The bottom of the game window you see the point screenshots.
      4. Click on screenshot Collection ads and everything screenshots for the game are displayed.
      5. opens the folder containing the screenshots her by clicking View on the hard disk.

Create separate folder for Steam Screenshots &# 8211; so goes&# 8217; s

By default, stores Steam the screenshots in a subdirectory of the Steam folder. But you can also just your own folder for Steam Screenshots set. so goes&# 8217; s:

Steam Screenshots folderIf necessary, you can also specify a new location for the Steam screenshots.
  • Opens Steam and click the top left of Steam and then click Settings.
  • Selects the tab from the game.
  • Here you can set your personal folder in spot screenshot-order by their eingebt the path into the field.
  • then still places a check mark in a uncompressed copy store, so the screenshots are saved.

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