Abbreviation for “hands”: How to do it properly

The abbreviation "for the attention" needed her whenever you sent an email or a formal letter and want to make sure that writing the correct person arrives. But how to reduce the term for now actually exactly from? In this guide we will explain it to you on the basis of a simple example.

99250What is c / o?

Whether it sent an application, puts on a letter to the local registration office or your business partners want to share something: In many cases, you have not only the company or the authority write, but also ensure that your letter on the desk of the right contact person lands. In German, has advocated the established words "for the attention", is inserted into the address line. but as occupying a lot of space, you usually used an abbreviation for "the attention".

Abbreviation for "the attention" &# 8211; several variants are possible

According to Google, the Standard Dictionary of German Spelling several abbreviations for the words "for the attention of" possible:

  • Z.H.
  • Attn
  • z.Hdn.

All Three variants are correct, the "Attn" Notice version, but is most common probably also that you can also omit the space between the two shorter words. So instead of "Attn" you can also "z. Write hd. ".

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So you used the abbreviation z.Hd. in the cover letter

The design of letters is set in Germany by Standard DIN 5008th With these recommendations, the German Institute for Standardization's (DIN) instructions to clear layout of documents and thus contributes to the smooth delivery. Have you sent a letter, this ends up in a distribution center of the post, where it is read by machines. The single DIN standard simplifies this process, since the risk of reading errors in the automatic address recognition is minimized. A So correct addressing is the surest way, so that your letter arrives quickly to the responsible contact person.

Abbreviation For the attentionThe abbreviation for the attention facilitates delivery to the right person. Source: master1305

Here are two examples of a proper cover letter with the abbreviation "for the attention" &# 8211; Once a home address, once a post office box:

home address

Hans Mustermann Ltd.
Human Resources Department Attn, Mr. Doe
pattern quarter
Sample Street 45
81967 Musterstadt

Tip: If you write to a home address (full street address), let her free no blank line between the road and the location. The contact person in question it is in the line under the company name. You have to add a city district or neighborhood, you write this between the name and the street.

PO Box address

Design Office
Z.H. Mr. Doe
PO Box 0745
35777 Musterstadt

Tip: If you write to a PO Box address, logically, are not disclosed by street and house number, because their indeed angebt mailbox number. Specifying a hamlet is also likewise not necessary.

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