Online Pay AG: payment demand with Notes by mail – what is it?

Who regularly checked his e-mail inbox, there is often only normal junk mail and actual e-mail correspondence and menacing messages, invoices and reminders of collection agencies. For several months, a particularly large e-mails find the sender "collection Online Pay AG" in the mail mailboxes of Internet users.

In these messages, the reader is advised to have not paid a bills or can not meet a direct debit for a demand of online Pay AG.

Online Pay AG: payment request with an attachment via e-mail

By the non-payment of the e-mail recipient to pay applicable fees by an average usually double-digit euro amount by bank transfer. At the same time a deadline for the request for payment through the online Pay AG in the mail is listed. Another threatening character receives the e-mail by the addition, more reminders, you should not comply with the request for payment. Also threatened to submit the case to the prosecutor's office and the Schufa. In addition to the text content of the mail is an appendix containing the request for payment or invoice.

The user is set by this mail under pressure to him to a panic reaction z. to induce, by the numbers of the amount specified or by the opening of the attachment.


Authenticity gets the mail, among others, by the multiple mention of the name of the e-mail recipient. The online Pay AG is just one of the possible senders of such horrors mails alternatives include:

  • Download Center AG
  • Giropay GmbH 24
  • PayOnline Service AG
  • Video-on-Demand Center
  • Media platform
  • Letspay
  • Payment Billing
  • Apay AG

the news of an alleged attorney is signed. The wording of such mails reads, inter alia, as follows:

"Dear Customer (real name), your bank has made the debit book back. You have unpaid claims at Online Pay GmbH.

Due to the ongoing payment walkout you are bound plus to pay the fees of 44.68 euros incurred by our commission. Full payment we expect to ....

Sincerely, lawyer ... "

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Online Payment GmbH and Co: Fake demands with real addresses?

Under the name &# 8220; Online Payment GmbH&# 8221; Fake messages of this type are sent. Equal to each an attached ZIP file format and a text to bring the reader to action. Also listed is a tight deadline to build up pressure. Frequently, a message also is threatened with the Schufa.

Alarmingly, the mails with real name and the address of the recipients are sent, while similar phishing emails end up with an impersonal salutation in the mailbox. More user comments and various sources on the network, according to it can be assumed that the address data could come from an eBay hack. 2014, the customer database of the online portal was hacked, a result of the attack 145 million customer records were copied. Zuden sampled data included not only names and email address and phone number, mailing address, date of birth and password. Payment data were not affected.
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Online Pay AG: open attachment?

Should you find such an email, the message clears and opens immediately, in any case the attachment. This is a common online scam. The mail itself does not contain any account information, the reader should be so tempted to open the attachment for more information. This occurs typically in ZIP format. Here are, however, no further details on alleged request for payment, but a virus or other malicious software that Sun makes its way to your hard drive. In general, you should be skeptical when you reach reminders by e-mail. As a rule, they are sent directly by post and not by electronic means.
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can recognize their fraudulent mails, among others, the following features:

  • Formulation and spelling errors
  • missing contact
  • Notes in ZIP format
  • Bill for orders that were never made
  • Clear identification of the creditor for. As online stores missing


Consumer protection warns of e-mails from the online Pay AG. With us you will find tips on how to recognize phishing e-mails. Should you pay the Annex Online AG have already opened, immediately change all your passwords do you use on your PC. In addition, it is advisable to miss the PC a regular virus scan. In addition, you should through another device on which the Notes to the request for payment was not open, check whether strange activities can be discerned about your online banking, PayPal or other online services.

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