edit a PDF – with these programs to do it!

If you want to edit a PDF, there are several options available. There are very good commercial tools, but also free programs. First of all it depends on how extensive want her to change the PDF file.

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  • Edit PDF directly
  • Convert PDF and then edit in Word
  • Edit PDF online

As long as the File is not password protected is, you can ultimately edit any PDF. There are a number of tools and programs with which you can edit a PDF. Special programs allow you the not only convert PDF files, but edit them directly. Office applications such as LibreOffice can open some PDFs and also to edit. Then there are tools to help her a comment on PDF and can change slightly. And finally, you can PDFs online to convert and even edit.

The PDFCreator offers a variety of ways by which you create a PDF, but you can also edit and convert.

9373PDFCreator instruction video

PDF edit directly FlexiPDF

FlexiPDF is a relatively new program from Germany, one with her Open PDF file and edit it directly can. There is a free basic version, which you can download it from us. With her but only fundamental changes are possible, such as changing the order of or the insertion of comments. Edit PFDs properly can you with the commercial versions FlexiPDF Standard and Pro. Depending on the retailer, these professional tools are to get even for well under 50 euros.

flexipdf-commentFlexiPDF can edit PDFs you and even read a text recognition

The special feature of this program is the fact that you can not just open PDFs and edit generated, for example, Word or Excel. It can even bring scanned pages with text recognition and convert it into a form that can edit it later.

Working with FlexiPDF is easy and is reminiscent of an Office program. At best, it opens the file and you can edit the PDF as if it were a normal Word file. so you can even convert a PDF to Word.

PDF editing with LibreOffice

LibreOffice is one of the competitors free of MS Office suite. You can thus almost do anything and MS Office can. This includes the opening and saving original MS files. But - and this is less well known - LibreOffice also handles PDF files!

LibreOffice we can change a PDFLibreOffice we can change a PDF

While remaining content and even receive the layout. You can Open a PDF file in LibreOffice and edit. Depending on the situation you can work in it like in a normal Word file. Reference herein to starting position is mentioned, then the need for a statement.

Many PDF files were created in an Office-like program and consist of text, images and layout. but others are just the result of scanned or produced on the computer images. These images may perhaps be empty, but it's not easy to change. So if a tool so opens a file that you have as a result still only a picture which must then edit your still somehow.

So, if LibreOffice is to edit a PDF, then the basis of which must already have an Office file.

Edit PDF with PDF-XChange Editor

Of the PDF-XChange Editor is freeware and one of the best programs that you can edit a PDF. If recognizable text is available, you can select this or add new text. It is not possible to change the text easily flowing and to get the basic layout.

Quick change a PDF: The PDF-XChange EditorQuick change a PDF: The PDF-XChange Editor

In addition one must then employ some tricks. One can cover text with the background color, and insert new text or amended text. Also be graphic elements cut and move. At the end of everything as a new PDF file is then stored. Simple, fast and effective!

PDF change in Word: convert Before

Anyone who sets out to change a PDF file in Microsoft Word, which they have to bring in the required format before. The Free PDF to Word Doc Converter will allow. Using the program is simple (yet it is in English), and the results are often not bad. Of course, this does not always work!

Just when the original document was actually no text containing Office file, but a graphic, which usually goes wrong. These graphics can you do in Word little. Because LibreOffice is preferable in any case. But if it worked, the result is a compatible Word document that you can also change as any Word file. For really good results you should use the above presented program PDF Converter Elite. It can convert almost any PDF so that you can edit a PDF to Word, Excel and similar programs.

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Google Docs: Edit PDFs online and OCR in pictures

There is a good, free way to convert his PDF files into editable online documents. The trick is based on the possibility to open files in your Google Drive in Google Docs.

OCR Google DrivePDF online editing with Google Docs

To use this feature, you need of course a Google Account. It's free and fast logged. Then you log on you Google Drive on.

  • There you can immediately use the mouse to a PDF file or an image upload by you simply drag the file (s) to the browser interface.
  • Next, you click with the Right-click the file and thus opens the context menu.
  • There you choose - as seen in the picture above - Open with and then Google Docs.

To give you almost gave the order to blow up the uploaded file with a text recognition to store their content as an editable Google doc. The works included in a similar manner with pictures the text.

OCR Google Drive images text recognitionThe OCR of Google Docs also works with pictures

As you can see, the text recognition is not perfect, but it definitely helps. Especially with a clearly recognizable text.


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