DS4 To XInput wrapper download

With the DS4 To XInput wrapper you possess a powerful tool to connect your PlayStation 4 controller with the PC and make adjustments in the key assignment.

After downloading the DS4 To XInput wrapper you have the files first with WinRAR or similar unzip and install the Virtual Bus Driver. Once this is done, it starts the SCP server. After connecting the controller of this should be immediately recognized by the system. In the control panel you can verify that the PS4 controller is registered as an input device.

use PS4 controller and Xbox 360 controller on PC: To DS4 XInput wrapper

DS4 TO XInput wrapper was developed by InhexSTER. With the DS4 To XInput Wrapper you can now change the button layout of the controller and z. B. switch to the Xbox 360 method. The buttons on the PS4 gamepad so correspond to the model of Microsoft's console:

Button PS4 ControllerKey Xbox 360 Controller

DS4 To XInput wrapper: System requirements

Thus DS4 To XInput wrapper function properly, the following applications must be installed on your PC:

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0
  • Visual C Runtime 2010/2012
  • DirectX Runtime
  • Microsoft Xbox 360 controller driver
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR dongle (Bluetooth)
  • Administrator rights to the PC

In addition, all applications that could somehow access the controller must be closed when the device (games etc.). The tool allows to make controller on the PC you to make adjustments to your PS4. So you can change the behavior of the controller light, adjust the color or activate the lamp as a battery indicator in the options, for example. If the battery power drops below 20%, it starts to flash. The touchpad can use the PC you thanks DS4 TO XInput wrapper. So the touchpad replaces the mouse control. R1 or L1 so you can operate the respective mouse buttons. Thanks DS4 TO XInput wrapper, the PS4 controller can quickly and easily set up on the PC, without moving any files or having to make complex settings on the system.


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