Top 10: Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods, the must-try times (ETS 2 mods)

The Euro Truck Simulator 2 provides fun for many hours. Thanks to its unique game feeling, harmonious atmosphere and the remarkable economic part everything is right here in terms of long-term motivation. but really off you go only with the modifications of the main game. Thanks to the good mod support of ETS2 you can still get so much more out of this game! With just a few simple steps, the Euro Truck Simulator 2 leaves with new vehicles, much, much more turn routes, weather effects and a never-ending pleasure. We introduce you to the best 10 Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods that's not to be tried once.

All trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2 at a glance:

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You have to lump all simulations profession with the same brush? Not at all! Between all the inferior quick shots and insanely boring simulators there now and then sometimes to discover a real gem. And no, so that is not the Farming Simulator meant. The speech is rather on the Euro Truck Simulator 2, which looks at first glance like any other simulation.

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After all, it is our task here to enter the everyday life of a forwarding and spend several hours on motorways and country roads. Sounds boring? Is not it. The Euro Truck Simulator 2 sprayed an unusually dense atmosphere for a game of its kind and is able to pull the hobby Trucker deep into the working world of a truck driver. This unusually high level of immersion that one experiences behind the wheel of a truck weighing several tons, makes the ETS 2 except a title. Thanks to the well-integrated economic simulation feature one also has a high level of long-term motivation here.

If at some point but then again be depleted, begins for many Euro Truck Simulator 2-player fun in earnest. Modifications of the main game, just mods make the Euro Truck Simulator 2, a nearly new game. The mods for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and therefore an enormous popular are. The tills fill, them collected the winter, touring new cities, listen to new radio stations, real companies that provide even more realism and of course, new vehicles and new accessories for your truck - thanks to Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods almost everything is possible. And graphical upgrades are possible with dne ETS 2 mods. Thanks to the excellent support of mods, the installation is not a problem.


We have compiled a list of the best Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods that's not to be tried again. On the following pages, modifications from sectors. so there should be something for every taste. Who has tips for other mods and downloads, it can feel free to post in the comments so we can update our offer.

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Euro Truck Simulator 2 Mods &# 8211; T0P 10 best ETS 2 mods

Who has not experienced the fascination behind modding, here gets a good look at what Euro Truck Simulator mods can do everything &# 8211; But beware: Not every mod is automatically compatible with other mods, but they should run separately to the latest version of ETS2. The latest patch can be found on the official website.

the official download patch*

To install a mod, you navigate to the folder &# 8220; documents&# 8221; (Since Windows Vista) or in the folder &# 8220; My Documents&# 8221; (Windows XP and earlier), there is another folder &# 8220; Euro Truck Simulator 2&# 8243; to find. If the SCS file in the mods folder unzipped, you can see the corresponding modification ingame enable the Mod menu.

Useful ETS2 Mods: be Steinreich

Everyone knows the suggesting Start new game after having invested so much time in his old game? Unthinkable. Of the &# 8220; Super kingdom without Cheat&# 8221; -Mod increases the fees for charter trips. So you can save up a small fortune in no time and go faster through the various construction phases of a truck empire.


Useful mods: Fast aufleveln

After one has now accumulated a small fortune, it takes quite a while until you can get the full potential from the ETS2. There is the &# 8220; quick levels&# 8221; -Mod, the obtained increases experience points several times and thus exploits the highest level within the shortest time.


Useful mods: time to properly&# 8217; s take gas

Also called Trucker sometimes you wish for the full driving enjoyment with maximum speed. Highly concentrated and tense you rush through the streets, man and machine become one. The No Speed ​​Limit Mod allows finally to press right times on the tube. There are no speed limits, so that also means: Have fun just once on the road.


Useful mods: Pure Realism

Unlike the Euro Truck Simulator 2 mod that brings a lot of money, it's also exactly the other way: The Hard Economic Mod trims the ETS2 on economic realism. The payments are lowered to a real price, loans hit with exorbitant interest rates to book and any mistake could mean the end of one's own vehicle fleet. A delay means a real loss &# 8211; an accident could immediately lead to large debt.


Graphical modification of Euro Truck Simulator 2: Winter Mod

In the summer streets of the world, it is not to drive so exciting in the long run. Eventually, the view from the window is dull and street events are not considered exciting. There are winter Mod, thanks to new texturing, shorter times of day, snow particles, snowstorms and new driving physics provides an exciting race against time in the winter chaos.



Graphical modification: Real Companies &# 8211; real driver

Thanks to the real-business-Mod is now driving for real companies whose names are known. In addition to the transport company GLS are&# 8217; s also are called real gas stations that are inspired not only by their originals but that. By order of donors DHL, Dachser, TNT or Aldi, which must necessarily be delivered to different companies immediately recognize again. Worth a look, and the simulator receives a greater realism feedback.


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