ARK – Survival Evolved: breed dinosaurs and eggs hatch in the breeding guide

Do you want to ARK: Survival Evolved Dinosaurs created with Better values, you have to breed them. But the little baby Dinos demand attention and especially food. In this breeding guide to ARK, we tell you how dinosaurs can grow and what you have to observe her.

So that you do not always have to tame a new Dino, the makers of ARK have: Survival Evolved introduced the breed. You need a mother and a father and animals can grow so little baby Dinos by hatching her eggs.

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The advantage of the growth that the Baby obtain the values ​​of parents can. So if you have, for example, a female T-Rex with a maximum health and a dad with maximum melee damage tamed, you should let them mate. At best, you have a baby-Rex with two maximum values. Will grow their Dinos? Then you looked at our Breeding Guide to at!

With mods you can make in ARK that even baby dinosaurs spawn in the world:

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ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: advantages of breeding in detail

The growing Dinos in ARK is not child's play. Especially for growing a T-Rex, can you try some time and resources. At the end you need namely the right temperature for the egg, so that a small baby dinosaur hatches. But why bother? What are the Advantages? The underlying the baby be expected from their parents. With a probability of about 70 percent of the child is the better value one of the parents. The same applies to the color of the Dinos. Here, you've got to watch but the values ​​of the dinosaurs, before they can be tamed. Namely, only the natural values inherited.

Do you play in a trunk, can ye Dinos with good values ​​of friends &# 8220; borrow&# 8221 ;. Indeed, it is no matter whether you have tamed even the dinosaurs.

You do not know how to tame Dinos in ARK right? The following video shows you the:

62317tame dinosaurs and other creatures - Ark Survival Evolved

Another advantage that speaks for breeding, the Tamingbonus, the you get. The baby is in fact so considered by ARK, as if there is a Breeding efficiency of 100 percent would have had. Another bonus comes with the Embossing. Have influenced her the baby, get her up to 20 percent bonus when riding the Dinos and to 30 percent of elevated levels in the category damage resistance and be divided damage.

How cute! see for yourself Cultured Dinos not only cute - their values ​​can also be much better than in the domesticated counterparts.How cute! not only look cute from self-grown Dinos &# 8211; their values ​​can also be much better than in the domesticated counterparts.

Breeding Guide &# 8211; Step 1: The preparation and pairing

Of course, you need a male and female Dino that the same species belong. but noted that some dinosaurs may not be paired. Build you a suitable enclosure where both Dinos fit now and goes with them to the room. Make sure that your two Dinos find space just as in the fenced area. Activated now in both the hike (Enable Wandering) and waits. After a short time they mate and a Bar appears. If it is filled, your female Dino is pregnant. The bar only when both fills, are creatures close together. Remove it yourself, the bar empties completely again and begins again.

Mate both Dinos, it recognizes the pounding heart above their heads.Sets the hike, so the pairing can begin.Sets the hike, so the pairing can begin.

Breeding Guide &# 8211; Step 2: Hatching Pregnancy and eggs

give itt two different kinds of dinosaurs &# 8211; which lay eggs and mammals, from which the same comes out a little dino baby. Are you previously aware that the eggs require a certain temperature to slip by. A pregnant Dino needs new again food &# 8211; namely twice as much as normal. Let's not be empty the inventory of the pregnant mom. Of course, you must also be careful that you will not be attacked in time and your coming Dino hurt.

The chance that your females Twins get there to 10 percent. The chance triplets is about 2 percent.The hearts show you that the two want to mate.The hearts show you that the two want to mate.

If the pregnancy terminated, the egg hatches from the dam. It is then not in the inventory of the dinosaurs, but before the Dino. It belongs to no person, which is why the egg in time also can be easily stolen. Once the egg is out, it immediately starts to brood. You recognize two bars: one is the Egg incubation and on the other Egg Health. The former shows you when the baby slips &# 8211; namely, when the strip is empty. The second property is the life of the egg. When the bar is empty, it dies. So you have this bar and the eighth right egg temperature Find. Which is right, you will find in the following Table:

DinoMindesttemp. in ° CMaximum temp. in ° CTime to hatch
Allosaurus26321 St. 40 min.
Ankylosaurus16202 hours and 40 minutes.
Archeopteryx16202 hours and 40 minutes.
Argentavis12133 St.
Bronto28315 St.
Carboemys30341 St. 15 min.
Carno26321 St. 40 min.
Comby243250 min.
Dilo28321 hr 10 min.
dimetrodon2 hours and 40 minutes.
Dimorphodon35381 h 20 min.
Diplodocus26295 St.
Dodo223050 min.
Dragon80905 St.
Gallimimus1 hour 30 min.
Gigantosaurus424350 St.
Kairuku22301 hour 30 min.
Lystrosaurus242850 min.
Megalosaurus26321 St. 40 min.
Morellatops22282 hrs 30 min.
Moschops16202 hours and 40 minutes.
Oviraptor26311 hr 10 min.
Pachyrhinosaurus24281 St. 25 min.
Parasaur24281 St. 25 min.
Pelagornis29321 St. 40 min.
Pteranodon29321 St. 40 min.
Quetzal5616 hours and 40 minutes.
Rex32345 St.
Sarco30342 hrs 30 min.
Spinosaurus30323 St. 45 min.
Stegosaurus22282 St. 45 min.
Tapejara29321 St. 40 min.
terror Bird20282nd.
Thorny Dragon22282 hrs 30 min.
Trike22282 hrs 30 min.
Vulture35381 h 20 min.
So you get the right temperature for your eggs. Do you find not the right temperature, you see, whether it is for the egg too warm or too cold is. If so, the egg health slowly declines. Will you not hatch the egg, you can do it in a fridge or store inventory. So it can up to 700 days Stable be made so that you can let slip later.

To find out the temperature in your environment, you have only your open inventory. to see the temperature here, look at the upper right side. Can you find a number in Fahrenheit, you can simply switch to Celsius (found in the settings). Depending on the number now you can, the temperature increase. Grab easy Standfakeln &# 8211; her best places them in a hut where you stored the eggs. Also stoves and campfires help you there.

With air conditioning, it is toasty warm your early youth.With air conditioning, it is toasty warm your early youth.

A more expensive option is to air conditioning to place. You need level 55 to unlock the engram for 21 points. In addition, you have the fridge have unlocked previously. You will need the following ingredients to build the air conditioning:

  • 15x crystal
  • 25x polymer
  • 30x electronics
  • 110x metal bars

The air conditioning needs in a Fabricator getting produced. When the eggs are about 8 air conditioners required. Put them on in a U shape and lays the eggs in the middle, so they hatch. Due to the necessary high temperature Giganotosauriern, takes her about his eggs 14 air conditioning.

Up to 10 eggs can be hatched with about 8 air conditioning systems around it.Up to 10 eggs can be hatched with about 8 air conditioning systems around it.

Breeding Guide &# 8211; Step 3: The rearing of young Dinos

The little baby dinos are very fragile and vulnerable. There are three growth phases. If the growth progress at 10 percent is from the infant on Youthful. From 50 percent of small Dino is a Teenager. As a baby, you have to feed him by hand. His health is now very low &# 8211; so you should not be attacked! You have the little dino constantly accompany and refill the food. When it reaches the 10 percent, he eats from a Trough.

This little trike is defenseless as a baby. Take good care of your offspring.This little trike is defenseless as a baby. Take good care of your offspring.

The feed trough can with Level 15 are activated for 12 Engrammpunkte. It requires 8 times metal fibers 40 times, 60 times and 120 times straw wood. You can fill 60 bins with food. The durability quadrupled in the feeding trough. So sets only the bare minimum in the trough. Always ensures that the baby Dino has enough food in the trough. You really need a lot of food, so do prepared to. You can use your young dinosaurs in time not ride. When danger threatens, the babies flee immediately.

Dino shape and get bonuses

Characterizes her your young prehistoric creature, you can receive bonuses. Feeding your animals with Kibble, cuddles it or goes for a walk with him. Like you Making kibble can, you read here: Kibble crafting and benefits of the feed.

Breeding Guide &# 8211; Step 4: rest time after pregnancy

Every female that has produced a little dino, needs about 18 to 48 hours of rest, before it can again become pregnant. but the male can then again merrily going fertilize. it supplies several female dinosaurs, the interval of the rest period is extended for it. So if you have time, the male and the female should wait.

Do you want it all again in picture and sound, we recommend you the YouTuber ICreep, the very well explained the whole thing:

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