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Purchases of all kinds are also effective without a written contract normally. In some cases, however, it is recommended to set up a purchase agreement to keep just in case a written piece of evidence in hand. With our purchase agreement template you have at hand to ensure the necessary form.

The purchase agreement template is for. As used when you want to sell on eBay items with personal delivery or privately sold a valuable item.

Download free template: sales contract

The purchase agreement form contains all the necessary data and information. With Word, OpenOffice or any other text editor, can be entered any personal information relating to the purchase. These include:

  • Personal data seller
  • Personal data buyers
  • Information about purchase item (manufacturer, serial number, etc.)
  • Special Characteristics of the object
  • Defects in the object
  • equipment
  • Assurance that the subject property of the seller is
  • purchase price
  • Exclusion Sachmangelhaftung

With the download, you will receive a purchase agreement template for printing. This can be filled out directly on the PC, alternatively, can be of course all fields after printing by hand filled in. The pattern is particularly suitable for private purchase contracts. The standard sales contract can be extended by any field, so that a blank can be created according to personal needs.

Purchase contract: Illustrated and patterns

For a complete documentation of both parties should purchase record on the sales contract pattern their identity card number. In addition, personal information should be checked such as phone numbers after entering correct. For checks and payments should be skeptical if you do not know the buyer. Any defects, damage and special object of purchase should be listed in writing and documented by photo. As usual for contracts, you should the purchase agreement print pattern in duplicate to ever make a copy available to both the buyer and the seller.

The purchase contract is anchored in Germany in the law of obligations and continues (offer and acceptance) of two interrelated content declarations together. Contrary to popular belief, incidentally, the quotation is in a supermarket or shop on a label no guarantee that you will actually get the item at that price.

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