Minecraft: Cheats, commands and console commands – Commands to success

Cheats, commands or commands, as it is shapely in Mojangs sandbox game are not to be despised in Minecraft. While no God Mode is required here, which makes the player immortal in survival mode, because this option is already integrated from the outset; no, rather it comes to gain faster access to resources without spending hours digging underground in the dirt. Or you just can not find NPC village far and wide &# 8211; here Minecraft cheats or commands can help.

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Minecraft cheats, commands and console commands

Since version 1.3 of Minecraft is in single player mode no longer necessary to pull the Mod Single Player Commands consult if you want to enter commands. In multiplayer mode, the input of cheats from your respective state on the server and the related rights is related. Cheating her on a server on which you are just visiting, it can lead to your banishment very quickly, so be careful let exercise.

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Since its release two years ago Minecraft has lost none of its fascination, on the contrary: The enthusiastic community for the PC, Xbox 360, iOS and Android is growing, constantly announcing that it will be released for the Xbox One, probably the klotzige fun again experiencing a revival. If you have not played it, but it's time: Invite you here the demo down!

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Minecraft commands for the operator (PC)

To enter this Minecraft cheats and -Konsolenbefehle, you have to open the chat window by her T button suppressed. Each command is input after you enter her a slash (/).

The brackets, which we have given here are for convenience only, they are not entered. So if you want to set the difficulty to easy, you give just one: / Difficulty easy.

<spielername> simply the name of the player you want to influence, one must be online. (These are the default key, you may be able also remap.)

Minecraft Commands
/ clear <spielername> Removes items from the inventory of the player with the name &# 8220; spielername&# 8221;
/ debug <start | Stop>Starts or disables the debug mode. You will receive information on the performance and the folder &Debug; # 8220&# 8221; a report is created, if you leave the mode
/ Default game mode <survival | creative | adventure>Game mode is changed
/ difficulty <peaceful | easy | normal | hard>change Difficulty
/ effect <spielername> <effect> Gives the player &# 8220; spielername&# 8221; an Effect for the bene time. The strength of the effect can not exceed the 255th Give one a time from 0 to remove the effect. A list of effects can be found below
/ effect <spielername> clearRemoves all effects from players
/ enchant <spielername> <enchantment ID> Enchants the item that keeps the player, if possible. A list of enchantment IDs and potential levels can be found below
/ Gamemode <survival | creative | adventure> Changes the game mode for single player
/ gamerule <rule_name> Turns rules on and off. A list of rules can be found below
/ killKills you. Well, if you are stuck
/ publishFriends via LAN can enter the game
/ say <message>Notify all players on the server a message
/ seedShow start value in the world (to the best Minecraft Seeds)
/ Spawnpoint <spielername> Spawn point for the player is set to the specified coordinates
/ Time set <number | day | night>Changes the time of day. &# 8220; number&# 8221; is the time of day: 0 Sunrise, 6000 is noon, 12000 Sunset and 18000 midnight. In this case, the indication &# 8220; day | night&# 8221; no longer necessary
/ toggledownfallTurns rain and snow on or off
/ tp <target player>Teleport is surrounded players to target player. If no &# 8220; spielername&# 8221; stated teleported yourself
/ tp <x> <y> <z>Teleports the player to the specified coordinates
/ weather <clear | rain | thunder> The weather changes for the specified duration
/ xp <amount> Gives the player the specified number of experience points
/ xp <amount>L Gives the player the specified number of levels of experience

Minecraft cheats and console commands

Multiplayer commands for operator for PC

  • / ban <spielername> &# 8211; Bans the player from the server
  • / Ban-ip <ip-addresse | spielername> &# 8211; Bans the specified IP from the server
  • / banlist &# 8211; Displays a list rapt players
  • / op <spielername> &# 8211; Gives the player operator status
  • / deop <spielername> &# 8211; Removes a player the operator status
  • /kick <spielername> &# 8211; Casts players from the server
  • / list &# 8211; Displays all players who are online
  • /pardon <spielername> &# 8211; Players removed from the ban list
  • / Pardon-ip <ip-addresse> &# 8211; IP removed from the ban list
  • / Save-all &# 8211; Saves the world on the server
  • / Save-off &# 8211; World is not automatically saved
  • / Save-on &# 8211; Automatic saving of the world
  • /Stop &# 8211; Shuts down the server down
  • / Whitelist <add | remove> <spielername> &# 8211; Puts players in the whitelist or removes
  • / White list list &# 8211; Displays players to whitelist
  • / Whitelist <on | off> &# 8211; Turns the whitelist on or off
  • / White list reload &# 8211; Invites the whitelist new. Useful if the file has been changed outside of the game


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