ARK – Survival Evolved: Cheats and item IDs for PC, PS4 and Xbox One

being trapped alone on an island with giant dinosaurs, one or two players can ARK: Survival Evolved ever overwhelm. With cheats but you can greatly facilitate you life in Survival hit. The console commands work not only on the PC, but even on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Did you want you ever want the See ARK-world from above? Or as hovering spirit of the island, without you, the countless creatures of ARK: Survival Evolved notice? With Cheats it's really easy. There are so Many console commands, that you can customize almost everything in the world.

The codes also work on servers. but here you need the Admin rights, so you can use their cheats. Do you play on a server, you should take a so with an administrator communicate. In some cases, he gives you the rights or are the commands themselves one, so they apply to the entire server.

But no mood to cheat? So you level faster &# 8211; guaranteed without cheats: 126586Ark Survival Evolved - Tips for quick levels

Since this article is very long and receives many tables, you can teleport with a click on certain issues:

  • Cheats on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One
  • Dino IDs for console commands
  • Item IDs for cheats

ARK &# 8211; Survival Evolved: Open Console on PC, PS4 and Xbox One

Especially on servers cheats often used. Discovered a Tribe member a player who behaves maliciously, he can simply removed via console command become. But even single player sometimes can not avoid to use a cheat. Despite the full version of the game, you will still find the odd bug. Is something destroyed or buggy, you can the solve problem with a Cheat. Of course you can also easily tame dinosaurs or level up faster with cheats.

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Before we show you the long and extensive tables with cheats, we want to tell you how the open console and enter the console commands can. This works logically on all three platforms different.

  • Enter Cheats on the PlayStation 4: Go into the menu and now presses the following keys simultaneously: L1 + R1 + Square + Triangle.
  • enter cheat codes on the PC: On this platform, you have the Tab key press (TAB).
  • Entering Cheats on Xbox One: Pressed pause. Now you must simultaneously press their following keys: LB + RB + Y + X.
The fly-cheat is very popular. Looks down on the world and find yourselves a suitable place to build from.The fly-cheat is very popular. Looks down on the world and find yourselves a suitable place to build from.

All cheat codes for ARK: Survival Evolved on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The table lists all cheats are not yet listed. We will update the table but gradually. Most cheats can be activated only if you previously EnableCheats eingebt (in multiplayer you have the server admin password enter it and in between a space). After that you can type in one of the following console commands for ARK. Do you play on a server, you have to type the command admin cheat than Admin before each cheat. Followed by a space must follow to enter your chosen cheat.

Looking to her cheats that you a spawn item or Dino to let? These commands we wrote together with IDs in the text below.

The cheats work on all three platforms. However, it may happen that some Console commands do not run on the Xbox One. Make sure that you write everything properly.

godTurns on the God mode. You are then invulnerable. Do you want to disable God mode again, you can either drown or you cheat again god enter, so it is reset.
flyEnabled airplane mode. With her walk off the cheat again.
ghostEnables Ghost Mode. You can pass through objects and dinosaurs. Grabs her Dinos on, they will hardly be aware you. Is deactivated again with walk.
suicidePlayer commits suicide and spawn new.
hurtme 5Player receives damage, in this case. 5
toggleinfiniteammounlimited ammo
destroyallenemiesCreatures that do not belong to the player, are killed.
destroy structuresAll structures of all players are destroyed.
destroymytargetAll creatures or objects that you sighted the crosshairs are destroyed.
destroy wild dinosAll untamed creatures on the card will be destroyed. After that, they reappear. Are with an update new Dinos emerged, you can help to spawn them with this command.
infinitestatsYour values ​​such as hunger, endurance etc. are infinitely high.
execsetsleeping truePlayer goes to sleep. With false behind her waking up.
teleportLook at one point and teleport there.
teleporttoplayerGive behind the ID of a player to teleport you there. In between, a space needs to be.
teleportplayernametomeGive back the ID of a player, and now he teleports to you. In between, a space needs to be.
give resourcesYou will receive 50 units of each resource.
give gramsYour switches all engrams freely in the game for you.
addexperience 1,000 0 1So you level faster and gain experience points. The first number, ie the 1000, you are the amount of EXP. The last number, that is the one that gives the entire EXP Tribe. 0 she gets only one player.
giveexptoplayer? 0 0 0Is a player on the server EXP. Instead of ? have to enter it the player ID. The last three numbers are consistent with the Cheat addexperience match.
forcetameTames immediately Dino, who is sighted. It can also be ridden without a saddle.
slomo?The time is slowed. Instead of ? can you enter a number 1 to 5
playersonlyThe time is frozen and with it Dinos and any production. You can move though.
togglegunYou see weapons and tools that you hold in your hand on the screen (or not).
settimeofday hh: mm: ssYour determine the time of day. Give rather than the hour and the minute instead mm hh. The second number may be omitted.
banplayerthen give one the player's Steam name. He will be banned. In between, a space needs to be. With unbanplayer and the player's name you can do the spell reversed.
broadcastSends a message to all players on the server. After cheat a space and then the message comes.
setcheatplayer trueThe Admin cheat menu is turned on. With false it is deactivated again.
give colors 1Gives the player the number, in this case 1, of each dye in the game.
listplayersAll players and their Steam IDs are listed.
make tribe adminPlayers will Admin of the Tribes.
renametribe name1 name2Name1 is the current name of the Tribes. This cheat give the tribe name2.
save worldYou force to save the server.
server chatAfter a space you can send a message to all currently connected players.
serverchattoAfter a space on Steam ID of a player to be named. Another space then separates the message behind it that you send to him in the chat.
setbabyageGive here a number from 0.1 to a first Your Baby Dino is so old.
settargetdinocolor a bDyed a one Dino, whom you targeted. a is the region (back, head, etc.), while b marked color.
setplayerpos 0 0 0Teleports the player to that position. The first number is the X-axis, the two BWA the Y-axis and the final Z-axis.

You're looking for new costumes for your Dinos? Then look here:

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can spawn Dinos and items: Dino and Item IDs

These cheats and IDs work again on all three platforms. First you have to enter a cheat and then the IDs of the objects, so the game knows what Dino want to leave you now spawn. Here again applies: EnableCheats If the cheat does not work, give before a. On a server you have to re-enter admin cheat it.

These cheats give her one before that in order to use the Item ID:

  • summon <Dino ID>: A Dino will appear before you. You can find the code below. However, the level is random.
  • spawndino <path> 0 0 0 1: A Dino will appear before you. Give the path that you find in the tables below. The first three digits describe the Spawn-position with respect to you (X-, Y- and Z-coordinate). The last number is the level. 120 is the maximum number.
  • giveitemnum <Item ID> 1 1 true: Gives you an item. The Item ID can be found below. The first number is the number of the item, the second is the quality again. true means that you simultaneously get the blueprint for it. With false you will receive only the item.
On the consoles her cheat codes give one pause menu.On the consoles her cheat codes give one pause menu.

Dino IDs to make creatures appear

We come first to the various Dinos. They have an ID and a path. Depending on the Cheat want to enter it, you have to use one of two commands. The paths are beyond our scope of the site. For this reason, we want you in good conscience recommend the site Jurassic Ark. You can find the paths at the bottom. Do you want to see again all the dinosaurs? Then you look at our list elsewhere.

Alpha CarnoMegaCarno_Character_BP_C
Alpha RaptorMegaRaptor_Character_BP_C
Alpha RexMegaRex_Character_BP_C
Broodmother LysrixSpiderL_Character_BP_C
dung BeetleDungBeetle_Character_BP_C
terror BirdTerrorBird_Character_BP_C
Super TurkeyTurkey_Character_BP_C
Wooden RaftRaft_BP_C
Woolly RhinoRhino_Character_BP_C

Item IDs for special items

Let certain objects appear in front of you with these IDs. There are more items, but you have to determine with paths. typed simultaneously CTRL and F and looking for a particular item. The table is on English.

Simple Pistol1
Assault Rifle2
Rocket Launcher3
Simple Bullet4
Raw Meat12
Spoiled Meat13
cooked Meat14
Water Jar15
Water Jar (Full)16
cloth Pants17
cloth shirt18
cloth Hat19
cloth Boots20
cloth Gloves21
Hide pants22
Hide shirt23
Hide Hat24
Hide Boots25
Hide Gloves26
chitin Leggings27
Chitin Chestpiece28
chitin Helmet29
chitin Boots30
chitin Gauntlets31
Stone Arrow32
Stone Pick33
Stone Hatchet34
Metal Pick35
Metal Hatchet36
Paint brush38
Standing Torch40
Hide Sleeping Bag41
remote Detonator42
C4 charge43
Blood Extraction Syringe44
Blood Pack45
Improvised Explosive Device46
Waterskin (Full)48
Berry Bush Seeds49
Bingleberry Soup51
Medical Brew52
Energy Brew53
Dinosaur Feces54
Human Feces55
Stegosaurus Egg56
Red Coloring58
Green Coloring59
Blue Coloring60
Yellow Coloring61
Purple Coloring62
orange Coloring63
Black Coloring64
White Coloring65
Brown Coloring66
cyan Coloring67
Purple Coloring68
Rex Saddle69
tranq Arrow70
Pistol Has Skin71
Metal ingot74
Thatch Roof79
Thatch Door80
Thatch Foundation81
Thatch Wall82
Thatch Doorframe83
Wooden Catwalk84
Wooden Ceiling85
Wooden Frame Hatch86
Wooden Door87
Wooden Foundation88
Wooden Ladder89
Wooden Pillar90
Wooden Ramp91
Wooden Trapdoor92
Wooden Wall93
Wooden Door Frame94
Wooden Window Frame95
Wooden Window96
Wooden Sign97
Blueprint: Note98
Parasaur Saddle100
Raptor Saddle101
Stego Saddle102
Trike Saddle103
Pulmonoscorpius Saddle104
Storage box105
Large Storage Box106
Mortar and pestle107
Spark Powder108
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intake110
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Straight111
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Incline112
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intersection113
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Vertical114
Stone Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Tap115
Amarberry Seed116
Tinto Berry119
Stim Berry122
Refining Forge125
Compost Bin127
Cooking Pot128
Simple Bed129
Small Crop Plot130
Pteranodon Saddle131
Longneck Rifle132
Citronal Seed133
Specimen Implant134
Bronto Saddle135
Wooden Fence Foundation136
Scope Attachment138
Dinosaur gateway143
Simple Rifle Ammo144
Summon Broodmother145
cementing paste146
Dinosaur gate147
Artifact of the Hunter148
Artifact of the Pack149
Artifact of the Massive150
Artifact of the Devious151
Artifact of the Clever152
Artifact of the Skylord153
Artifact of the Devourer154
Artifact of the Immune155
Artifact of the Strong156
Artifact of the Flame Keeper157
Argentavis Talon158
Megalodon Tooth159
Tyrannosaur arm160
Saurpod vertebra161
silica Pearls163
Metal Catwalk167
Metal Ceiling168
Metal frame Hatch169
Metal Door170
Metal Fence Foundation171
Metal Foundation172
Behemoth gate173
Behemoth gateway174
Metal Ladder175
Metal Pillar176
Metal Ramp177
Metal Trapdoor178
Metal Wall179
Metal Door Frame180
Metal Window Frame181
metal Window182
Super Test meat183
flare Gun184
Water tank186
Air conditioner188
Electrical generator189
Electrical Outlet190
Inclined Electrical Cable191
Electrical Cable Intersection192
Straight Electrical Cable193
Vertical Electrical Cable194
auto Turret197
remote keypad198
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; inclined199
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intake200
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Intersection201
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Straight202
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Tap203
Metal Irrigation Pipe &# 8211; Vertical204
Flashlight Attachment205
Silencer Attachment206
carbonemys Saddle207
Sarco Saddle208
Ankylo Saddle209
Mammoth Saddle210
Megalodon Saddle211
Sabertooth Saddle212
Carno Saddle213
Argentavis Saddle214
plesiosaur Saddle215
Chitin / Keratin216
Metal Sign218
Holo Scope Attachment219
laser Attachment220
Wooden Billboard221
Flak Leggings222
Flak Chestpiece223
Flak Helmet224
Flak Boots225
Flak Gauntlets226
Enduro Stew227
Lazarus Chowder228
Calien Soup229
Fria curry230
Focal Chilli231
Azulberry Seed235
Tinto Berry Seed236
Mejoberry Seed237
Narcoberry Seed238
Stim Berry Seed239
Savoroot Seed240
Long Grass Seed241
Rockarrot Seed242
Metal Billboard243
Fabricated Pistol244
advanced Bullet245
Advanced Rifle Bullet246
Rocket Propelled Grenade247
Medium Crop Plot248
Large Crop Plot249
Rare Flower250
Rare Mushroom251
Raw Prime Meat252
Cooked Prime Meat253
Battle Tartare254
Shadow Steak Saute255
Rockwell Recipes: Enduro Stew256
Rockwell Recipes: Lazarus Chowder257
Rockwell Recipes: Calien Soup258
Rockwell Recipes: Fria Curry259
Rockwell Recipes: Focal Chilli260
Rockwell Recipes: Battle Tartare261
Rockwell Recipes: Shadow Steak Saute262
Notes on Rockwell Recipes263
Wall Sign264
Metal Dinosaur Gateway265
Metal gate dinosaur266
Simple Shotgun Ammo268
Metal Wall Sign269
Amarberry Seed270
Azulberry Seed271
Tinto Berry Seed272
Narcoberry Seed273
Stim Berry Seed274
Mejoberry Seed275
Citronal Seed276
Savaroot Seed277
Long Grass Seed278
Rockarrot Seed279
Hunter Skin Hat281
Rex Stomped Glasses Saddle282
Spider Flag284
phiomia Saddle285
Medium Dinosaur Feces286
Large Dinosaur Feces287
Brontosaurus Egg288
Parasaur Egg289
Raptor Egg290
T-Rex Egg291
Triceratops Egg292
Parasaur ARK Founder Saddle Skin293
Dodo Egg294
Preserving Bin295
Metal Spike Wall296
Cooked Meat Jerky297
Prime Meat Jerky298
Rex Bone Helmet Skin299
Nerdry Glasses Skin300
Rockwell Recipes: Medical Brew301
Rockwell Recipes: Energy Brew302
Spinosaur Saddle303
Rockwell Recipes: Meat Jerky304
Heavy Miners Helmet305
Steel Vault306
Wood Spike Wall307
Dino Glasses308
Stone Fence Foundation310
Metal Water Reservoir312
plesiosaur Saddle313
ichthyosaur Saddle314
Stone Ceiling315
Stone Hatch frame316
Reinforced Wooden Door317
Stone Foundation318
Reinforced gate dinosaur319
Stone Dinosaur Gateway320
Stone Pillar321
Stone Door Frame322
Stone Window Frame323
Fireworks Flaregun Skin324
Tripwire Narcotic Trap325
Tripwire Alarm Trap326
Kibble (Ankylo Egg)327
Kibble (Argentavis Egg)328
Kibble (Titanaboa Egg)329
Kibble (Carno Egg)330
Kibble (Dilo Egg)331
Kibble (Dodo Egg)332
Kibble (Parasaur Egg)333
Kibble (Pteranadon Egg)334
Kibble (Raptor Egg)335
Kibble (Rex Egg)336
Kibble (Sarco Egg)337
Kibble (Bronto Egg)338
Kibble (Pulminoscorpius Egg)339
Kibble (Araneo Egg)340
Kibble (Spino Egg)341
Kibble (Stego Egg)342
Kibble (Trike Egg)343
Kibble (carbonemys Egg)344
Ankylo Egg345
Argentavis Egg346
Titanaboa Egg347
Carno Egg348
Dilo Egg349
Pteranadon Egg350
Sarco Egg351
Polminoscorpius Egg352
Araneo Egg353
Spino Egg354
Turtle Egg355
Rockwell Recipes: Egg-based Kibble356
Reinforced Window357
Reinforced Trap Door358
Omni Directional Lamp Post359
Industrial Grill360
Pump Action Shotgun361
Crossbow (Stone Arrow)362
Forrest Coloring363
parchement Coloring364
Pink Coloring365
Royalty Coloring366
Silver Coloring367
Sky Coloring368
Tan Coloring369
Tangerine Coloring370
Rockwell Recipes: Decorative Coloring371
transponder Tracker372
node transponder373
Single Panel Flag374
Feeding Trough375
Compound Bow (Metal Arrows)376
Metal Arrow377
Canteen (Empty)378
Canteen (Filled)379
Metal Sickle380
Behemoth Stone Dino Gateway381
Behemoth Reinforced gate Dino382
Bear Trap383
Large Bear Trap384
Trike Bone Helmet Skin385
Scuba tank387
Scuba Mask388
Scuba Flippers389
Plant Species X Seed390
Plant Species X Seed391
spray Painter392
doedicurus Saddle393
sloped Roof394
Sloped Thatch Wall Left395
Sloped Thatch Wall Right396
Sloped Roof Wooden397
Sloped Wood Wall Left398
Sloped Wood Wall Right399
Sloped Roof Stone400
Sloped Stonewall Left401
Sloped Stonewall Right402
Sloped Metal Roof403
Sloped Metal Wall Left404
Sloped Metal Wall Right405
magenta Coloring406
Brick Coloring407
Cantaloupe Coloring408
Mud Coloring409
Navy Coloring410
Olive Coloring411
Slate Coloring412
Mindwipe Tonic (amnesiac soup)413
Wooden Raft414
Bronto Platform Saddle415
Dune Buggy Vehicle Test416
pachy Saddle417
Pachycephalosaurus Egg418
Kibble (Pachy Egg)419
Rockwell Recipes- Mindwipe Tonic420
paracer Saddle422
Paracer Platform Saddle423
Dimorphodon Egg425
Dimophodon Kibble426
Frog Saddle427
Megaloceros Saddle428
fur Leggings429
For Chest Plate430
Has fur431
fur Boots432
fur Gloves433
Wooden Club434
Poison Grenade435
Fabricated Sniper Rifle436
DodoRex Mask Skin437
Greenhouse Wall438
Greenhouse Ceiling439
Greenhouse Door Frame440
Greenhouse Door441
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Left442
Sloped Greenhouse Wall Right443
Sloped Greenhouse Roof444
Greenhouse Window445
Riot Leggings446
Riot Chest Piece447
Riot Gauntlets448
Riot Boots449
Riot Helmet450
Electric Prod451
Broth of Enlightenment453

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