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Perhaps you know the still of a not quite legal portal that has already closed: Your peeps you just perfectly lawful a movie and suddenly the transfer is stopped. You should wait an hour before you could continue watching the movie. Here then helped the courageous reaching for the power cable of your router. But it is also easier if you want to change the IP address - even in really legal pages.

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For whatever reason want to change their your IP address anyway, so can you either a free tool as routers Reconnect or Fast IP Changer, or through the Control Panel do and have in no time a new and do not have to even charge up. We explain how to do it:

change the IP address via the Control Panel

  1. Move into Control Panel > Network and Internet
  2. Select "Network status and tasks" the sub-item "Change adapter settings"
  3. Right-click on the appropriate network, which want to assign a new IP address and opens the properties
  4. Scroll to the "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)" and opens it
  5. Marked "Use the following IP address" and determines a new IP addressInternet Protocol Version 4
  6. Finished. You have successfully changed your IP address

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Changing the IP Address with software

As an alternative to this but somewhat awkward way for the one-time change the IP address you can you simply download a freeware that passes through the same process basically only faster and with fewer clicks. So invite you down router reconnect the small tool or continues to look out below a router reconnect alternatives.

  1. Starts from the .zip file, the router reconnect application
  2. Once opened, the tool will automatically start to change the IP address of the router the process,

Alternatives to reconnect router

  • SolidIPConfig
  • Dial-Reconnecter
  • Fast IP Changer



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