update the iTunes library: So it goes

Unfortunately, iTunes does not allow you, the library automatically update. As you still update the iTunes library manually can take when you have copied as music in the "Music" folder of iTunes, you experience the following article.

Update iTunes Library screenshotTo add folder iTunes library

In different situations, it is necessary to to update iTunes library. For example, is the case if you have manually moved files to the "Music" folder. Unfortunately, the iTunes download will not automatically assumes there shifted music to the library so that they initially do not show up in the library. The same applies in the event that files manually from above-mentioned has deleted folder: Here remain the relevant songs in the iTunes library, even though they have been already removed from the hard drive. However, there are ways to update the iTunes library with just a few mouse clicks for these cases. How this works is to be presented in the following paragraphs.

Update iTunes library: take Manually copied files

Do you have files copied to the folder "Music" or moved to the library added files are then not automatically added to the iTunes library. However, it is possible to update the iTunes library in a few steps to manually perform. For this, start the iTunes main program and selects the menu "File" and then "Add Folder to Library ...". In the opening file browser you now select the "Music" folder from iTunes. Then the previously displaced in these or copied files are added to the iTunes library.

Update iTunes Library screenshotTo manually remove deleted files from your iTunes libraryStart Photogallery(17 images)iPod classic with HiRes Audio: FiiO X1 in our "test lab"

Update iTunes library: Remove Manually deleted files from the Media Library

If you files from the "Music" folder away, but have not deleted from the library, there is also the possibility to update the iTunes library. For this you open the "iTunes" folder and move the "iTunes Music Library.xml" file to any folder - best on the desktop. Now you delete the "iTunes Library.itl" file that is also in the "iTunes" folder. Next, you start again iTunes and select "File" and "library" "Import Playlist" the point.

In the opening file browser it then selects the previously moved file "iTunes Music Library.xml" and opens it. Then, the library is updated, and the deleted tracks removed from this.

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