Kotz Smiley for WhatsApp is there: So you can send the smiley

WhatsApp smileys like the tears laughing Emoji are of great importance when it comes to express one's feelings or to decorate the status with icons. The Kotz Smiley was previously hard missed by fans of the app in the standard repertoire, although it already handed it in Skype and other software. Meanwhile, you can at least show when you are feeling nauseous and you could throw up. As you can ship in WhatsApp the coveted Smiley, we tell you below.

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WhatsApp: Kotz Smiley coming this summer

The Unicode Consortium has published a list of 69 new emoji, including the &# 8220; real&# 8221; Kotz Smiley counts. Once those released and published as part of Unicode 10, they need to be implemented only in the respective operating systems such as iOS or Android. The plan is Unicode 10, the international standard of character sets for the summer 2017. Thanks to Unicode see users of different operating systems, the same characters (including emoji and smileys).

Kotz Smiley: WhatsApp disappointed with the selectable Smileys

The WhatsApp smileys are numerous, yet lacking among the many yellow globe faces in Messenger service of mounted in some situations Smiley with Kotz beam. Finally, there should be an appropriate smiley when WhatsApp for every situation in everyday life. Among the new yellow ball faces you now find but one, which seems to be so bad that he is about to throw up. When sufficient for you than Kotz Smiley, you find him in Smiley rider there:

Kotz Smiley_Screenshot_2017-03-06

This little green guy is part of the available for quite some time new Emoji for WhatsApp, which finally includes the Facepalm Emoji.

The importance of Kotz smileys you know especially appreciate when in life again not everything goes as planned, or you actually have a flu or a hangover. However, there are smiley apps that can add their own pictures as smileys and emoji.

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WhatsApp: Add Kotz Smiley

Kotz Smiley for WhatsApp: So you can send the smiley
Bring your inner self to express and let's just get out everything. While there are currently no secret emoticons in WhatsApp, but different addons ensure that your smiley supply is growing and you can send the Kotzsmiley her last. An example is the app smileys and memes for chat.

  1. Invite you the app on your smartphone.
  2. If you now WhatsApp selects the paperclip for attachments, you get displayed in your gallery, the new app. Click the Share button and the app on.
  3. Here you can choose between the new Kotz smileys. Alternatively, turn up right next to the paper clip Meme icon of the app, which you can then simply select it and send the puking smiley.

What Suite: Thanks to this emoticon app can draw and send in WhatsApp, Hangouts or other messengers their own pictures as a Kotzsmiley or very artistically just puke. Also in comics and manga, there is a wide range of stickers.

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Smiley apps for iPhone and iPad

You are owners of Apple devices and will once again everything sucks, you have to do without the wonderful green snot. Of course this apps that you can send a smiley puking via WhatsApp:

  • Emojidom smilies & Emoticon HD: Here you stands a Puking smiley also available as a drunken smiley or smileys in superhero costumes.
  • Those who do not get enough and more smileys, emoji and stickers wants place in our article WhatsApp: More smileys with extensions - how it works.
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If you are unsure of the significance of WhatsApp smileys, we clarify to you the following video:224680WhatsApp smilies and their meaning

In what situations do you use the Kotz Smiley? Or do you avoid exactly this yellow guy and saves him until you really feel like vomiting times? Just write us in the comments.

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