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For German citizens over 16 years of possession of an identity card is mandatory. Since November 2010, there is the track record in credit card form. This includes an RFID chip in which the personal data and biometric data is stored. Who wants to keep the personal document in the hands must apply for the ID card.

apply for identity card: cost, duration, recordsSo you think fast your new personal document in the hands, should their next note, if you want to apply for an identity card. A new identity card must apply for it if:

  • the age of 16 is reached
  • the old ID card has expired
  • the old ID card has been lost
  • the name changes to the identity card, for. For example, by a wedding

Where to apply for the ID card?

Can you apply for an ID card in any public office. Pays particular attention to densely populated villages that ye advance let assign the Office an appointment to avoid a miserable long wait. Do you want to apply for an ID card for the first time, you need:

  • Age child ID, age child's passport or birth certificate
  • Consent of the parents or custody of evidence
  • News, biometric photo
  • Identity card fee (infra)
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Do you already have an ID card must, bring their old Perso.

As Persofoto course you can take no Selfie your last party. But various conditions are attached to the photo for an ID card. Your face must be automatically recognized on the basis of biometric features. Requirements for the passport photo are:

  • apply for identity card: cost, duration, recordsFace is shown frontally
  • Looking at camera
  • Neutral facial expression, no smile, no teeth
  • monochrome Hinterrgund
  • no shadows
  • Format: 35mm x 45mm

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apply for identity card: cost, duration, records

What is the cost may be for an ID card, is held in the "Regulation on identity cards and the electronic identification". Depending on the age of the applicant for and additional functions of the identity card, various costs do you. Contrary to the earlier rules, the first, issued 16 to 18 years identity card is no longer free. The following table shows an overview of the fees when applying for the identity card:

Fees for the issue of the identity card

From 24 years28,80 €
Under 24 years22,80 €
ID for the needyDepending on the case reduction or exemption of the card fee
Temporary identity card10 €

Additional costs for an ID card

First activation of the on-line function (on output or at the completion of the 16th year of life)free of charge
Subsequent activation of the online function6 €
Disabling the online functionfree of charge
change PIN6 €
Re-registration for relocationfree of charge
Lock if lossfree of charge
Unlock the online ID function6 €
Applying an electronic Singaturzertifikatssupported operators

Hartz IV recipients must pay the full cost for an ID card. Anyone applying for an identity card at the age of at least 24 years must renew this for about ten years. If the applicant person under 24, the identity card is valid for only six years. A temporary identity card is valid for three months.

The request for an ID card is forwarded by the local public office to Bundesdruckerei. The time taken to process is approximately three to four weeks. Usually you will receive a letter with PIN for an ID card. Is this letter in the mailbox, the identity card at the local public office, have in which it requested the staff document can also be picked up again.

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