For additions of cable Germany, Telekom, Vodafone – Hotspot Finder

With a hotspot access you can use the Internet mobile, without claiming your mobile data. Hotspots can be found everywhere distributed in Germany, but are often not apparent at first glance.

For additions of cable Germany, Telekom, Vodafone - Hotspot Finder

So you can find the nearest hotspot access, take a look at the hotspot finder. there are offers this type of many major providers, including cable Germany, Telekom and Nintendo.

Hotspot Finder for cable Germany

  • Unfortunately Nintendo has the multiplayer services for the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS now ceased. However, if you go still want to download an update file for a DS game or want to surf the Internet, found online at Nintendo hotspot finder for Nintendo 3DS. Among other things, you can go online nationwide with the handheld console in around 1,400 McDonald's restaurants.

HotSpot Finder Nintendo*

  • With cable Germany you can a hotspot flat from 4,99 € *For additions of cable Germany, Telekom, Vodafone - Hotspot Finder Book in order to enjoy a wide range Wi-Fi hotspots in cafes, streets and public places in Germany. Where the nearest cable Germany is Hotspot, you can check Finder with cable Germany in the hotspot.

HotSpot Finder cable Germany*

HotSpot finder-cable-Germany The HotSpot Finder with cable Germany (Screenshot:*

Hotspot Finder - Additions of Telekom, Vodafone and more

  • Of course, the Telekom should not be missed with its own service for finding hotspots. Opens the offer in the browser and give one the street, postcode or the place to find the next available Telekom hotspot. In addition, you can leave you with a HotSpot Show all ICE routes.

For Telekom Hotspot Finder*

telecom hotspot

  • A very extensive Hotspot Finder provides Portel. This is not only restricted to a provider, but also offers you an overview including card for hotspots from different providers, including:

o T-Mobile

o Vodafone

o The Cloud

o Arcor

o Swisscom Euro Spot


o Versatel

  • In addition, you can refine Finder search in Portel hotspot, you select a specific location (station, hotel, leisure center, gas station, service station, airport) and the hotspot classification pretend.

All HotSpots in Portel*

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