The Witcher 3: Cat Armor – card with localities (Update: Grandmaster cats school equipment)

Schemes for the unique Cat Armor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt are extremely well hidden hidden in treasure chests, some of which are guarded even monsters. We bring you safe at all localities that we have marked on a clear map for you so that you can watch grab any part of the cat school equipment really.

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The Grandmaster cats school equipment is the best version for agile warlock at level 40. You can Schemes for the new DLC &# 8220; Blood and Wine&# 8221; find and they can be produced with the Grand Master Blacksmith Lafargue. For this to work smoothly, we show you below all localities of Schemes.

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Updated on June 2, 2016

The Witcher 3 &# 8211; Blood and Wine: Grandmaster cats school equipment &# 8211; Locations

Grandmaster cats school equipment is a lightweight armor with great freedom of movement and focus on critical strike chances. The highest form, which you can wear at level 40 with your sorcerer, now even has a stylish hood. In the following video you see the localities of all six schemes (two swords and four pieces of armor) and an overview of the values ​​and needed Trade ingredients.

Original article from the June 4, 2015

The Witcher 3: Cat Armor - card with localities

The schemes for Cat Armor be found in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt distributed throughout the game world. Either you accidently stumbles over them by discovered her them treasure chests fishing, or you go with treasure map to hunt. cards for Quests can you also find in the game world or bought from traders. Schemes for the unique pieces of armor recognizes her green color. Below, we give you detailed instructions for the localities with markings on the world map. Click here to the individual cards for an enlarged view.

The Cat in the video armor

123744The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Cat Armor

The Cat Armor: appearance, values ​​and how to make it

If you do not yet know whether the acquisition of Cats armor sets for you is worth, take a look at the screenshots and values ​​of armor and decide whether it suits you. How can you make the cats armor, learn the craft items, ingredients and schemes to The Witcher. 3

Masterfully crafted Cat Armor - schemes

Setteile in Novigrad and the surrounding area


  1. Cats Silver Sword: In the ruins where you shall seek Philippa Eilhart. Descends into the ruins and turn around right away. Here the scheme is behind a destructible wall.
  2. Cats steel sword: In the basement of the Castle Drahim.
  3. Cats Crossbow: in the shipwreck in front of the small island.
  4. Cats armor, gloves cats, cats and dogs pant boots: Below the temple island in the widely ramified cave complex. In a chest after fighting Kryan finds its four Setteile.
  5. Improved Cats Silver Sword: On the top floor of the house, which you can enter the outside via a ladder.
  6. Superior Cats steel sword: In the cave in a chest after you have the Golem defeated.
  7. Superior Cats Silver Sword: barred at the end of the cave in a rock through destructible hidden area.

Setteile in northern Velen


  1. Improved cat Boots: After entering the cave on the right side in a chest.
  2. Improved Cats steel sword: After entering the cave on the left side in a chest.
  3. Improved cats gloves: At the very end of the cave in a chest.
  4. Improved cats Pants: in the Cellar next to the blacksmith which results in an underground vault.

Setteile east of Oxenfurt

witcher3-east-katzenset of-oxenfurt-

  1. Improved cats Armor: In the destroyed Ruin the magician.

Setteile in southern Velen


  1. Superior Cats armor, Superior cats pants, Superior cats gloves and boots Superior cats: Easy to find in a chest of ruined ruins.

Setteile on the main island of Skellige

witcher3-Skellige-ever island-north-katzenset

  1. Masterfully crafted Cats steel sword: In the burgruine. Run up the stairs and halfway there left a Recess in the wall with the chest.

Setteile on the island Harviken


  1. Masterfully crafted stone silver sword: In the cave at the end behind a destructible wall.
  2. Cats Armor masterfully crafted, masterfully crafted cat pants, masterfully crafted cat gloves, masterfully crafted cat Boots: In the Cave by the seashore. In a narrow corridor you find the chest with the schemes.

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