ESC 2016 Final: repetition in the stream and see TV – Euro Vision Song Contest 2016

ESC 2016 in the repetition: Yesterday the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 was in Stockholm. 26 participants who qualified for the grand final in Stockholm &# 8211; Ukraine has gained read here where their repetition of Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 can stream online * and see on TV.

ESC 2016 Final: repetition in the stream and see TV - Euro Vision Song Contest 2016

Over and out: On Saturday, 14 May 2016, the final ran to the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016. If you missed the show, you can watch the entire broadcast and again on Sunday 05.15.2016 at 08:15 See the transmitter EinsFestival. In addition, is available on Euro vision a stream with the repetition of the finals of ESC 2016 for retrieval.

2016 free see Euro vision MagineTV in stream online*

ESC 2016: repetition in the live stream &# 8211; Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 online and on TV

The winner is:

Euro Vision Song Contest 2016: winner, results, scoring at ESC 2016

As every year the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 will also be transferred back from the ARD live on TV. The first sends the 14.05. 2016 punctually at 21:00 live from Stockholm &# 8211; a total of 26 countries take part in the final: the 10 countries that have qualified in one of the semi-finals, as well as the host country Sweden and the Big Five countries participating automatically. With the right ESC-2016 apps for Android and iOS *ESC 2016 Final: repetition in the stream and see TV - Euro Vision Song Contest 2016can you mitvoten for Jamie Lee and Co. &# 8211; Also you have the apps Additional information while you follow the finals on TV or live stream.

Euro Vision Song ContestdownloadQR codeEuro Vision Song ContestDeveloper: digame mobile GmbHPrice: Free

ESC 2016: Final Live on TV or online stream see: All information at a glance

  • ARD will broadcast the final of the ESC 2016 from 21:00 live on TV.
  • Who has no television, the final of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 looks in the official live stream of the ARD.
  • On YouTube you can also watch the final, on the official channel of the Euro Vision Song Contest. It starts here at 21:00.
  • The official website of the contest also offers a live broadcast via online streaming.


  • m tune in before the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016, you can check out from 20:15 pm broadcast Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 &# 8211; Countdown to Stockholm (also on ARD) view.
  • The finale starts at point 21:00, and runs until about 0:30
  • Then the Grand Prix party, which is also transmitted in the First increases.
  • On the transmitter EinsFestival the finals for Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 is also transmitted at 21:00 &# 8211; Here there's also Twitter comments for all who want to join the event in social media and comment.
  • In addition, you can follow on Euro Vision online live stream on the show.
  • Euro Vision also offers the so-called Social TV. It allows users to comment on the following programs on a second screen via Facebook, Twitter or directly in the social TV and discuss it: Countdown to Stockholm, Final from Stockholm with commentary by Peter Urban, Grand Prix party.
  • Already tonight, Friday 13/05 2016 runs at 24.00 the show Jamie-Lee in ESC fever on NDR television.
  • On Sunday 15.05. 2016 there are at 11:00 on also a Resümme for ESC 2016 with presenter Alina Stiegler and guests.

Euro Vision 2016 banner

Here again the complete program with all the broadcast schedules for Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 at a glance:

meetingtime of daybroadcasttransmitter
13.05. 201624:00Jamie Lee in ESC feverNDR
14.05. 201620:15Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 &# 8211; Countdown to StockholmARD,
14.05. 201621:00Final of the ESC in 2016 live from StockholmARD,
14.05. 201600:30Grand Prix after partyARD,
15.05. 201611:00 o'clockResümme for ESC

Euro Vision 2016 Stream and Live: Moderators of the finale

The final of this year's competition will be hosted by the Swedish Petra Mede and the winner of the last ESC Måns Zelmerlöw leading co-hosted the evening. Petra Mede could still moderate in Malmo in 2013 alone &# 8211; This year's competition is the second commitment of the 46-year-olds, which is well known in their home country from numerous TV shows and also as the &# 8220; Barbara Schönberger Sweden&# 8221; applies. Both presenters are looking forward to the grand final &# 8220; I am so incredibly happy to be again in the Euro Vision Song Contest here&# 8221; said Zelmerlöw talking to

Euro Vision 2016 ModeratorsPetra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw, the winner of last year lead through the evening. Source: EBU

stands for German television again Peter Urban as moderator prepared the so accompanies the Euro Vision Song Contest nearly 20 years since the 1997th Urban sees despite strong competition even opportunities for the German participant Jamie Lee Kriewitz. this was &# 8220; for her age an amazing singer&# 8221; and have a with Ghost &# 8220; very good song&# 8221; at the beginning. So the chances are &# 8220; not bad&# 8221 ;, so the ESC skilled in the art. For a victory it is but probably not enough &# 8211; realistic is a placement in midfield.

Euro Vision Song Contest 2016: Final live stream &# 8211; Order scoring, Tuning

Meanwhile, the order is established in which all participants in the Grand Final will occur on Saturday. The start position is not completely lost, but also defined by dramatic perspectives. By lot will then only decide whether the respective artists start in the first or second half of the finale. The German candidate Jamie Lee Kriewitz starts at number 10 and stands with her song &Ghost; # 8220&# 8221; this tween the participants from Sweden (Frans: &# 8220; If I Were Sorry&# 8221) and France (Amir with &# 8220; J&8217; ai cherché&# 8221;). The finale starts with the Belgian Laura Tesoro (&What; # 8220&# 8217; s The Pressure&# 8221;) &# 8211; the last country Armenia occurs.

Here is the complete list of the order of playing the final of the Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 (Video with clips later in this article):

launch sitecountryActsong
1BelgiumLaura TesoroWhat&# 8217; s The Pressure
2Czech RepublicGabriela GunčíkováI stand
3NetherlandsDouwe BobSlow down
4AzerbaijanSamra RahimliMiracle
6ItalyFrancesca MichielinNo Degree Of Separation
7IsraelHovi StarMade Of Stars
8thBulgariaPoli GenovaIf Love Was A Crime
9SwedenFransIf I Were Sorry
11FranceAmirJ&8217; ai cherché
12PolandMichał SzpakColor Of Your Life
13AustraliaDami ImSound Of Silence
14Cyprusminus Onealter ego
15SerbiaSanja VučičGoodbye (Shelter)
16LithuaniaDonny MontellI&# 8217; ve Been Waiting For This Night
17CroatiaNina KraljićLighthouse
18RussiaSergey LazarevYou Are The Only One
19SpainbarbarismSay Yay!
22MaltaIra LoscoWalk On Water
23GeorgiaYoung Georgian LolitazMidnight gold
24AustriaZoëloin d&8217; ici
25Great BritainJoe and JakeYou&# 8217; re Not Alone
26ArmeniaIveta MukuchyanLove Wave

The amended voting and scoring: the fans an innovation at this year's contest for heat it tempers caused. So far, the results of votes from juries and viewers as a combined result were announced (and counted with 50 percent. As of this year, the ratings for the jury and spectators separated Each country is a participant in the future a maximum of 24 points. &# 8211; Twelve of the jury, twelve more by viewers who cast their points via telephone, SMS or app.

Euro Vision 2016 VotingThe voting system was changed this year to make the vote more exciting. Source: EBU

Here's how it works:

  • First, give the viewers from their points.
  • Then announce the &Spokespersons; # 8220&# 8221; the respective participating countries &# 8211; here in the last few years, for example, Barbara Schöneberger, Lena or Helene Fischer &# 8211; the results of the jury voting.
  • In this case only the scoring of the twelve points is publicly announced, the remaining points are displayed.
  • After that, the audience points of all voting countries are then added together.
  • The sum of the viewer voting will be announced by the two presenters Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede &# 8211; beginning with the country that has received the fewest points of the spectators.
  • The audience does not know in this process but, come the respective points from which country.
  • The details are then published on the Internet at and on the page.

With the new procedure you want to make the voting process more exciting: So far, often became apparent before the end of the finale, who will be the winner of the evening &# 8211; now you should really only be experienced when the results are announced.  &# 8220; The new type of presentation is a big step towards a better TV show and a more exciting competition&# 8221; so Jon Ola Sand from the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) to the decision. This also another highlight could help: While the vote goes to an international star will be honored: Justin Timberlake presented his new song &# 8220; Can&# 8217; t Stop The Feeling&# 8221; as a world premiere.

Euro Vision Song Contest 2016 Banner

Euro Vision Song Contest 2016: Finale &# 8211; All candidates in the video

You want you again look at all the participants and candidates. before getting started with the grand final on Saturday? Here we have compiled for you again all the videos of the artists and their respective songs (in the correct order). Enjoy the show and cheer &# 8211; and maybe it works out today evening yes but for Jamie Lee&# 8230;

Begien: Laura Tesoro &# 8211; What&# 8217; s The Pressure

Czech Republic: Gabriela Gunčíková &# 8211; I stand

Netherlands: Douwe Bob &# 8211; Slow down

Azerbaijan: Samra Rahimli &# 8211; Miracle

Hungary: Freddie &# 8211; Pioneer

Italy: Francesca Michielin &# 8211; No Degree Of Separation

Israel: Hovi Star &# 8211; Made Of Stars

Bulgaria: Poli Genova &# 8211; If Love Was A Crime

Sweden: Frans &# 8211; If I Were Sorry

Germany: Jamie-Lee &# 8211; Ghost

France: Amir &# 8211; J&8217; ai cherché

Poland Michał Szpak -Colour Of Your Life

Australia: Dami Im &# 8211; Sound Of Silence

Cyprus: Minus One &# 8211; alter ego

Serbia: Sanja Vučič &# 8211; Goodbye (Shelter)

Lithuania: Donny Montell &# 8211; I&# 8217; ve Been Waiting For This Night

Croatia: Nina Kraljić &# 8211; Lighthouse

Russia: Sergey Lazarev &# 8211; You Are The Only One

Spain: barbarism &# 8211; Say Yay!

Latvia: justs &# 8211; Heartbeat

Ukraine: Jamala &# 8211; 1944

Malta: Ira Losco &# 8211; Walk On Water

Georgia: Georgian Young Lolitaz &# 8211; Midnight gold

Austria: Zoë &# 8211; loin d&8217; ici

UK: Joe and Jake &# 8211; You&# 8217; re Not Alone

Armenia: Iveta Mukuchyan &# 8211; Love Wave

Lest with us also, who were participants in the Euro Vision Song Contest, 2015.


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