Snapchat Delete Account: Link and Instructions

You've had enough of Snapchat and want so delete your account? Then take a look at the following lines. There you will find the link to delete the Snapchat accounts and clues as to what happened to your profile after you have removed Snapchat.

Note that the account is still active and not deleted when you just throw the app from your phone. To log out completely from the social network, you must proceed as follows.

Direct link to delete*

With these tricks you bring everything from Snapchat out (video):

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Snapchat account-account-DeleteAs you can imagine surely, is a deletion of your own account is not in the sense of Snapchat, which is why the developer of the app obviously have a little hidden Delete option. At first glance, there is at least no way to delete the Snapchat account via the app on Android and iOS this does not work well. In the following step-by-step instructions, you learn how you have to proceed.

  1. Deletes the Snapchat app initially from your iPhone and Android phone.
  2. Now you control the browser to the link of Snapchat accounts for removal.
  3. Login you here with your username and password.
  4. So that the profile can be completely and permanently deleted, you your login details have to enter it again.
  5. Click on the button "Delete My Account".
  6. The account has now been deleted.

Link to delete*

Alternatively, you can also remove about Snapchat page the account. The function, however, is hidden quite deep, after all, the operators do not want to lose so quickly their users. So you can find the Delete option:

  1. Gets on.
  2. Click below on "Support".
  3. Click then left on "Learning The Basics".
  4. Here, the "Account Settings" option is now at the bottom.
  5. Shipyard again a look at the very bottom and click on "Delete My Account".
  6. Login you therefore as described above with your Snapchat account, the want to delete it.
  7. Click again on "Delete My Account" and your career at Snapchat has found an abrupt end.


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It's simple: delete Snapchat account

If the account once deleted all your contacts, pictures and videos will be permanently deleted, a return no longer exists. You will then no longer can also visit your favorite stars on YouTube about Snapchat. On a related note, that now other users can log in using your old Snapchat names. To prevent your old name is possibly abused, you should not completely delete the profile, but can be easily disabled and the app no ‚Äč‚Äčlonger use.

Snapchat account-Delete


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