What is a JSON file? How to open?

A JSON file stores program code similar to CSV, XML or Javascript. But what exactly is a JSON file? What are they used? And how can you open it?

JSON file: What is it?

JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, which is about means "JavaScript Object Name":

  • A JSON file stores program code in the form of so-called objects, arrays, or other variables.
  • The primary purpose of JSON files is to exchange data between different programs or server-client systems.
  • It can also be used, for example, to log into his Etherium-wallet (digital wallet).

JSON file as an example

When you open a JSON file, it is reminiscent of code from CSV, XML or Javascript files:

Here you can see an example of the structure of a JSON file.Here you can see an example of the structure of a JSON file.

The sample file can you download you here. Your browser will most likely show directly. Click selects the link with the right mouse button and save target as&# 8230; in order to upload it to your computer.

Start Photogallery(5 pictures)install the .NET Framework 3.5 in Windows 10

Open JSON file

A JSON file is basically a text file (.txt) with special structure. You may be able therefore to open the example of Windows 10:

So you open a json file in Windows 10thSo you open a json file in Windows 10th
  1. selects clicking the JSON file with the right mouse button and Open with.
  2. In the new window you click on the logo More apps.
  3. selects editor (or another word processor) and clicks OK.

If you Firefox uses, you can install, which also shows you the files the extension JSONView.

JSON file kovertieren

  1. Opens about the site JSON To CSV Converter.
  2. There you can upload them and download them as converted CSV file.

If you have a GeoJSON file with GPS data, you can they kovertieren example, through this website in the format GPX. Alternatively, it uses the ArcGIS JSON parser. For this, however, some programming knowledge.

Who wants to know is how exactly created a JSON file and used the shows to the YouTube channel The Coding Train like the works!:

The video is divided into two parts. You should also look at the next one in the YouTube playlist if you want to see the full tutorial.

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