Setting up Bluetooth, activate and deactivate Windows 8

Of course, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 provide the ability to connect peripherals also via Bluetooth with the PC. Thus the device is detected, you must first activate Bluetooth on Windows 8. Find out here how you have to do this.

Setting up Bluetooth, activate and deactivate Windows 8

Thanks to Bluetooth devices such as keyboards or a PC mouse to the PC can be connected wirelessly without any clutter. To connect a device via Bluetooth with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, you should first make sure that the device has a Bluetooth connection.

bluetooth dongle-amazon*Setting up Bluetooth, activate and deactivate Windows 8Setting up Bluetooth in Windows 8

The computer can be such. For example, by a Bluetooth USB dongle *Setting up Bluetooth, activate and deactivate Windows 8 equip. Controls the mouse to the upper right corner of the screen, to allow the Charm-bar appear. Opens the settings and select the "PC Settings". you can now select "PC and devices" in the new window. Here we find the "Blueooth" section. Once selected, the computer Bluetooth devices searched near to connect them to Windows 8th If the device is found, this can be selected by double-clicking and thus be connected via Bluetooth with Windows 8th

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Windows 8 Activate Bluetooth on or off: Step by Step Guide

Once the device is selected, the connection usually needs to be checked. For this, a corresponding coupling code must be entered in both the Bluetooth device, as well as Windows.

  1. Press Windows key and "C"
  2. call settings
  3. Change PC settings
  4. Select "Wireless"
  5. make bluetooh setting to "On" or "Off"

Click on the arrow at the bottom right of the taskbar, the Bluetooth icon for quick access can be set up. Usually this is placed there as soon as Bluetooth is activated on Windows 8th If this is not the case, click the arrow next to the system and selects the "Customize".

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In the new window you now select "Show icon and notification" for the Bluetooth icon. Other settings for the Bluetooth connection on Windows can also be performed on the control panel. Opens this and give up in the upper right search bar "Bluetooth". Under "Devices and Printers" there is the option to change the Bluetooth settings. Here can be set the appropriate hook for "Bluetooth devices find this computer" can.

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