Sneaky Pete Staffel 2: Does the Amazon series into overtime?

On 13 January 2017, the first season of Sneaky Pete appeared on Amazon. On February 17, 2017 was followed by the German dubbed version. As clarified in this article, the question of whether the series for a second season, we continued when they come and what it could be.

Sneaky Pete Staffel 2: Does the Amazon series into overtime?

In the difficult genesis of the first season of the American crime drama series Sneaky Pete, it's almost a miracle that the viewer has ever received the first season to face. And although the series with Giovanni Ribisi, Margo Martindale and Bryan Cranston is very well cast.

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Sneaky Pete Staffel 2: What does Amazon?

Already on January 19, 2017 Amazon announced via press release that Sneaky Pete goes with the second season into overtime. Thus, the continuation was already confirmed six days after the broadcast in the United States and ahead of the release in Germany. That does not happen very often and especially not by the difficult genesis. three factors could have helped:

  • Sneaky Pete's according to Amazon on the first day most seen Amazon original series - after The Man in the High Castle.
  • Sneaky Pete got great reviews and Reviews: In the first season with IMDb 8.4 / 10 from schneidete and shade of red Tomatoes 90 percent of viewers and readers rated the series as well.
  • Bryan Cranston became the role of Walter White in Breaking Bad for beloved and celebrated cult actor. The end of Breaking Bad broke many spectators and fans of the series the heart. With Sneaky Pete he is - albeit in a supporting role - back.
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For details on the start date of the broadcast or shooting the second season is not yet known. Should this change, informed as to this point you about.

Sneaky Pete: The long road to success

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Because of the difficult start of the first season can also be difficult to speculate, unfortunately, when you can expect the release of the second season. Originally, the CBS ordered the pilot for the series at the end of the year 2014. 2015 joined CBS then spanked by the series back and Amazon took over. After the first episode ran in August 2015 on the screens, increased beginning in 2016 creative director David Shore, so there were delays in production again. Early 2017, the first season was finally published.

Let's go on the assumption that it will be the second season less than two years time. If all goes well, we get it early 2018 to see.


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