So you can fish in Minecraft

Minecraft is currently one of the most popular games on the PC and various consoles. The open-world game offers you a free hand in designing the process. Who wants to go to the search for food, can go fishing in Minecraft.

So you can fish in Minecraft

To make sure nothing goes wrong while fishing, you'll find the best tips for fishing in Minecraft here.

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Angel build in Minecraft

  • Food needed her for. For example, if your character was injured in Minecraft.
  • By fish their life energy can recover.
  • Before you can fishing, you need of course only the right tools, a fishing.
  • To establish a fishing, you need a 3&# 215; 3-crafting large field.
  • If the workbench once built, you need these resources.
  • In the case of Angel Wood and thread are needed.
  • Wood can get from trees her.
  • Threads there by spinning and cave spiders.
  • Also from the destruction
  • Are the resources required once in your inventory, you have to process them into sticks the wood.
  • For fishing you need three poles and two threads in the crafting box.
  • Once created, the fishing your inventory is added.


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Tips for fishing in Minecraft

  • minecraft-workbenchWith a fishing rod can catch her both fish and opponents use to you.
  • The value for the durability of the fishing is 65th
  • As with other objects also, the Angel wears off in Minecraft after some time.
  • Do you want to fish, the fishing selects your inventory.
  • Make your way to a lake, pond or river and clicks the right mouse button.
  • Make sure that the hook is ejected in a large body of water.
  • Should the hook abut against a block, the fishing attempt fails.
  • the hook is once in the water, you have to, as in real life, a little bit patient.
  • If within 60 seconds are not caught anything, the fishing is automatically reversed.
  • In this case, you should change the location for fishing.
  • Once a fish on a hook attached, you hear a Plätschergeräusch.
  • Right-click the fishing line can be obtained.
  • The fish is automatically added to your inventory.
  • This fish can you grill so and restore your life energy.

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