find Mainboard: identify type and BIOS in Windows

If you want to upgrade your PC and install a new video card or other components, you should first find out what motherboard ever plugged in the PC. So, you prevent their equipment purchases that are not compatible with your motherboard.

find Mainboard: identify type and BIOS in Windows

To find out what motherboard is installed in the PC, there are different method. to determine under Windows, which motherboard is used the fastest and easiest ways, can be found here.

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find Mainboard: how it works without screwing

  • Quick it determines the motherboard of course, if it unscrews the PC and look at the label on the motherboard.
  • Shipyard but a close look at the board, so that you additional information such as the model number does not see.
  • Also on the chipset of the motherboard you can find out what hardware is in the Tower.
  • If you do not want screw the PC or your PC inside is supplied dust so that you can no longer read, working what motherboard in the computer that uses free software CPU-Z.
  • CPU-Z provides extensive information on the current system.
  • In addition to the motherboard, the tool is also information about the processor, cache and memory again.
  • Important information can be exported in text form or as an HTML file.
  • The program also outputs a table of motherboard components with the associated register assignments.
  • Similar features found in the tool Everest Home Edition.
  • Here, too, one can analyze the computer system built components.

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find Mainboard: identify type and BIOS in Windows

Mainboard find in Windows XP, 7, Vista and 8

  • Without additional software you can find out the motherboard by you watch the Windows Registry in more detail.
  • About "regedit" you come to the Windows Registry.
  • Opens on the path on the left side of the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ HARDWARE \ DESCRIPTION \ System \ BIOS
  • On the right side different keys are displayed.
  • Searches for the entry "baseboard": here you learn which motherboard is used.
  • There is also information on the current BIOS under "BIOS".

find Mainboard: identify type and BIOS in Windows

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