Gossip Girl Season 7: Is there a sequel in 2017?

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Gossip Girl Season 7 is so eagerly awaited as ever. The American youth series, which is loosely modeled on the eponymous book series of the author Cecily von Ziegesar, took the sixth season three years ago to a temporary end. Find out here if it will perhaps be a seventh season.

Gossip Girl Season 7: Is there a sequel in 2017?

With Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen the series Gossip Girl enjoyed great success. With the thematic focus of friendship, love, jealousy and depression in adolescence and problems with parents, the series speaks many young people from the heart. The shortened sixth season ended with a time leap into the future: Five years later, Nate candidate for the office of mayor, Chuck and Blair have a child and Serena seem to marry Dan.

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Gossip Girl Season 7: A new season in the new year?

Narrative material for a seventh season so there to satisfy. You could tell, for example, what happened in these five years, or even how to go after these five years. As designed, for example, marriage between Serena and Dan? But these are all just speculation. The transmitter The CW already announced for the first time years ago that the series will be discontinued. Unfortunately, you have it I still have not changed your mind until now. While Leighton Meester pronounce against a reunion or new edition, Blake Lively admits in an interview with Vanity Fair that she sometimes misses the series. Fans will be able to join their opinion determined.

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Gossip Girl Season 7 alternatives: the new series Prep?

What now: There will be no seventh season of the hit series, the question remains? You can look at the sixth season of Gossip Girls over and over again, of course.

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Or you can look forward to Prep. What's Prep, you ask? Well, Prep is actually a book by Curtis Sittenfeld *Gossip Girl Season 7: Is there a sequel in 2017?. The network HBO has bought the film rights to the book to take her to the movies. Essentially, it is about the student Lee Fiora, which comes to an elite boarding school named Ault to Massachusetts. New friendships, loves and dramas are there, of course, inevitable. Learn more about Cast or TV Start does not yet exist. If further details will be announced, learn course of it here.

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