Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie review: Our spoiler free criticism to the great superhero Event

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Eventually, at the very beginning, when writers and producers were composed for the first time, this film a sequel should even have to "Man of Steel" are. A god-like Superman, so the idea of ​​learning the other, know the dark side of his charges and is pushed by humanity as a false Messiah from heaven's throne. Good idea! But Marvel known not sleeping. Who wants to compete commercially, which has to go all-in flat. And so the project grew.

Only Batman came up and flanked the conflict between Superman and humanity. And who introduces Batman, who also gets hold top of Gotham and the psychological bats in Bruce Waynes basement. You should also &# 8220; Wonder Woman&# 8221; with be of the lot and where you were at it, also still the same, the conceptual foundation of the "Justice League" with being added to the film.

For Zack Snyder was "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" by this additional ballast to a dramatic limbo. If you have seen the movie, unfortunately, is very quickly clear: Most eggs has dropped the man.

Feel can the dramatic loss of balance very early. Namely, when you have to watch Snyder in how he gives one of his prominent qualities of the repeated treatment of Origin story of Batman. If Synder may be something then begin to stage good exposures. The Spartan baptism of fire "300"Or the historical slow motion Panorama"Watchmen"Hardly a blockbuster director sees itself currently as good on symbolic and aesthetic pointedly introducing into a film.

Too bad, then, that this can Snyder in "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" wasted on something that we have seen three times already and even Snyder himself has so add anything. The introduction is like an imposed from the studio must. Even here, in the first minutes of the film becomes clear how often the hopelessly overloaded with franchise concerns script of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" will be available in the course of the film itself in the way.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Movie review: Broken eggs

Although the film is some effort to establish the conflict between the two eponymous comic book hero as the central theme of the film, but the regular excursions into Bruce Waynes back story, in Clark Kent's private life, in Louis Lanes investigative journalism in the political anti-Superman campaign of Senator Finch or in the sinistere confusion of Lex Luthor - all this prevented the development of a gripping story more than it would help them. "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" feels confusing, inconsistent and sometimes simply confusing.

For example, if the planned franchise of extractions "Justice League"To be angeteast using a bleak vision of the future in the middle of the film short and quite abruptly. Here hardcore DC fans will put on a serious understanding of the sample itself. The sequence itself as well as its entering an in the context of the plot of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" seems oddly amateurish and ill-conceived.

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Unfortunately, the same applies to the much discussed by the fans in advance cameos of Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman, as well as an unnecessarily complicated trick of the film with which Lex Luthor Superman would lay the legal and crafts in the first third. Everything ultimately redundant story branches, which in their totality to the fact that "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" feels over much like a puzzle unsorted and not as thrilling adventure film. There is a lack of visibility and suction.

That director Zack Synder in assembling his overloaded plots in the head must often resort itself under the arms, the immediate theater experience, of course, did not do well. Again and again one comes across small and large plot holes or is thrown from narrative impropriety off track.

hardly feelings

Or you wonder why you can a so cold the grandly staged action on the screen. Feelings are, if ever awakened just at the end. Neither succeeds Synder viewers to the great encounter between Batman and Superman to wring an emotional partiality, nor take it the figures, the permanent alleged internal divisions from.

Superman's violent struggle for the favor of the people he wants to protect is indeed continually staged by the successful soundtrack as a great sense of burden, but in the face of actor Henry Cavill little place them instead. Even Clark Kent, Super's human side, may barely rain emotionally in the film.

Bruce Wayne is against too often busy consumed and act human ausgerbrannt. Although Ben Affleck is doing a very good (!), About the angry look toward Superman, we all already know from the trailer, he will not come in the rest of the film also unfortunately.

therefore remains only Lex Luthor as a human point of friction. The fact that the audience Jesse Eisenberg should rub performance, it is already time out of the question. Eisenberg playing Luthor namely as one which is sometimes applied a little thick and has little to do with the comic book borderline Facebook CEO.


The film does Eisenberg but actually quite good. rises that these Luthor variant has a lot to do with the harmonious psychology behind it. Eisenberg goes with his figure on a crazy mission that - if managed well by the only alleged madness - in their hatred is somehow understandable. In addition Luthor frees the plot of "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" at the right time from a large explanation emergency. At this point one might sigh and personally thank Luthor that he is both hero a reason to fight.


Fortunately, much of the dramatic problems among which is this bad supercooled superhero movie is suffering on the pompous stretch irrelevant. With the unleashing of Doomsday Zack Snyder is the first time the focus in his direction, and the action can leave the helm. And here makes "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" then for the first time really fun. So especially the appearance of Wonder Woman is the clear highlight of the film. In the crater their massive phenomenon is then, however, also wonders why you had to wait almost two hours to feel a good time.

Unfortunately, what the film does in the time before suffering too much under the spongy topics focus and unemotional portrayal of his director. In the end, "Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice" has therefore become a film that can just never really go under the skin despite good approaches, despite good actors and despite good intentions. And that's just in view of its visual charms and its polyphonic style choices, a small tragedy.




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