Doctor’s Diary Season 4: Could it still be a sequel?

Soon RTL will repeat the highly successful television series Doctor's Diary on free TV. The fans are also very pleased and expected the replay will also bring new doctor-friends. On 09.06.2016 the first season starts on TV, three seasons have been published and it could raise the question again of whether there will be a fourth season Doctor's Diary. 

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Doctor's Diary &# 8211; Men are the best medicine at the time was a great success. While the series dates from the year 2008, but even today the enthusiasm seems undiminished. Therefore, it is no wonder that RTL &# 8211; As already in 2014 &# 8211; the series is repeated again. Incidentally, you can also view online all the episodes Doctor's Diary in the stream.

Those who come for leading the way now will wonder perhaps whether there will be a continuation of the cult series &# 8211; therefore we have the course pursued.

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Doctor's Diary Season 4 &# 8211; Completely hopeless? The State of Things 2016

As in 2011, the news spread that after the third season, the show is over, the fan base was in shock. How should the further life without Gretchen Haase, Marc Meier or Mehdi look like? After all, the series had a huge success and was among other things, the German Television Award and now should finally be an end? The audience had great difficulty to understand the decision to accept or not.

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Claus Richter, at that time managing editor in the field RTL Fiction / it was not easy comedy to justify the cancellation of the series. At that time it was said that it would not be in RTL, but on the schedules of those involved. This had greatly benefited in part by the success of the series and a lot of new projects at the start. Also the author of Doctor's Diary &# 8211; Bora Dagtekin &# 8211; had other things to do. Since then, the project continued on ice and with each repetition of the series back to the topic.

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Diana Amft &# 8211; Gretchen &# 8211; calls for a fourth season Doctor's Diary

Florian David Fitz (The hottest day) and Diana Amft (The bull and the country bumpkin) are among the actors who have benefited from the success of the series and have since been seen in several well-known productions. As recently reported in the Gala, the latter would be very well also want a continuation of the medical drama. Gala-interview she did manifest that they, as well as the spectators, the world of Gretchen Haase have loved and should Bora Dagtekin nor write another season, it would definitely be with us.

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We conclude now simply that there is still hope, because maybe the responsible and participating fight yet again together and compare their schedules. Miracles are happening from time to time. Currently, however, is no single official statement that this hope could put on a firm foundation.

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