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WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best apps for iPhone - and will be completely free from the 2016th What's WhatsApp how the application works and where there are tips? We clarify the main issues.

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Annual fee is waived: Whatsapp future free

iPhone owners who took advantage of WhatsApp for many years, paid for the service once 79 cents during the download. Later, the company changed the payment model, new customers were from then load the app free and paid from the second year a subscription fee in the amount of 99 cents - as WhatsApp for Android usual.

On January 18, 2016 Company founder Jan Koum has informed in Munich that you WhatsApp future for home completely free would offer. Nevertheless, the service will ad-free stay. But they wanted to integrate third-party services, such as the reservation of restaurants.

The reason for the funding change is the desire to be successful in countries with low average income.

  • WhatsApp for iPhone: & Info free download
  • WhatsApp for iPhone: & Info free download
  • WhatsApp for iPhone: & Info free download

Our idea of ​​the iOS app:

What's WhatsApp for iPhone?

WhatsApp Messenger is a, so a news service. You can send, unless they also have WhatsApp Messenger installed with the application personal messages from your iPhone to other smartphone owners.

Thus WhatsApp is a mix of chat and SMS replacement. Who uses a data plan, the costs of SMS saves: With WhatsApp the individual messages are free. In addition, the app offers far more features than the SMS.

Free mobile WhatsApp for iPhone

we come first to the main point: the Download WhatsApp for iPhone. The application is available free from the App Store, the download here *WhatsApp for iPhone: & Info free download-Link:

WhatsApp MessengerdownloadQR codeWhatsApp MessengerDeveloper: WhatsApp Inc. *Price: Free

There you will get the latest version. Did you WhatsApp installed on the iPhone, the app updates itself automatically thanks to iOS 9 (unless you've turned this feature off).

Functions of WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone

WhatsApp for iPhone: & Info free downloadSo with WhatsApp you can receive and send messages initially. It is possible to use the emoticons and smileys for free. But also photos, movies and voice messages you can send. As a sender, you select a contact from the WhatsApp contacts. The app can be linked to the address book of the iPhone and automatically recognizes who is using WhatsApp also and who is not.

To write several people at a time, you use in WhatsApp broadcast lists or groups.

Tutorials on WhatsApp features:

  • storing messages and photos in WhatsApp for iPhone
  • perform WhatsApp backup with iCloud

New features of iOS app

A whole series of innovations presented in 2015 the developer. By wiping right at "More" are individual chats placed on silent mode - handy when only a few people nervous too often ... With a Swipe left a WhatsApp chat is marked as "unread" - as in the Mail app with a point.

In WhatsApp backup and videos can now be saved. Developers also worked on smaller improvements:

  • Better support for VoiceOver,
  • Connection to Apple Maps and Contacts app,
  • Reduced data usage for calls possible (see Settings -> chats & Calls),
  • Better view for editing photos & videos,
  • The location message displays a large map preview.

With WhatsApp Call We can call other users of the Messengers - namely via the Internet (VoIP). Telephone charges are not incurred, but many mobile tariffs do not allow the use of VoIP. The previous connection to the phone app of the iPhone - as well as WhatsApp call - to find on the contact page of the person.

whatsapp-iphone-keyboardWhatsApp keyboard on the iPhone 6 Plus

Other functions in WhatsApp since autumn 2014:

  • Archiving of chats and groups
  • Caption for photos (screenshot below)
  • Quick access to the camera,
  • Possibility to shorten videos before sending,
  • Extensions for sending your present location,
  • new WhatsApp background and message tones,
  • use of extensions in IOS 8
  • Adaptation to iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Owners of an iPhone 5s or later can now send and slow-mo video.

So much for the innovations of WhatsApp. We receive them via automatic app updating iOS, or manually through the App Store *. Following are the download facility and our previous Idea of ​​WhatsApp:

Criticism of the Messenger

WhatsApp is criticized for linking with the address and a non-encrypted data transmission. Already numerous alternatives such as threema try to convince with safer concepts many smartphone owners themselves. But the success of WhatsApp could reach no comparable Messenger service even close.

Closer on security see: Messenger in the test: safety of WhatsApp, Telegram & Co.

WhatsApp for other platforms

Not only for iPhone, there are the popular service. Besides WhatsApp for Android platforms BlackBerry and Windows are supported - but only smartphones, not tablets. Even for WhatsApp Web browser, a mobile phone is required. Only with a trick we can install WhatsApp on other devices:

  • use WhatsApp on the iPad
  • WhatsApp use on iPod touch
  • WhatsApp use on PC
  • use WhatsApp on Mac
  • use WhatsApp Web with the iPhone

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