iPhone X: Brash Android manufacturers copied the “notch”

The most obvious external feature of the iPhone X is the notch, the notch at the top of the screen for various sensors and the selfie camera. New images are now 2s show a Mi mix, which also has two horns.

iPhone X: Brash Android manufacturers copied the Source: Weibo

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s: Fake or not?

In the pictures, the GSMArena.com had published today, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s, a variant of the frameless Mi mix should be 2 to see. The images are dominated by the recess and the two horns, which we know from the iPhone X for several weeks.

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Why Xiaomi wants to interrupt the already minimal frame at the top with the small, centered bar is unclear. It is conceivable that the manufacturer intends to place the selfie camera to a gewohntere position and at the same time possibly the - wants to reduce frame at the bottom - not visible in the photos.

But this missing part of the images can also arise suspicions that it is the pictures simple fakes same. The Notch of the iPhone X can be, for example, simply with Android apps mimic how XOutOf10. Even easier is a customized background or even an image with built-in recess.

Our hands-on with the frame-and notch-free Xiaomi Mi Mix:
7360Xiaomi Mi Mix in the Hands-On: Where is because the edge?

Xiaomi on the way to Western Europe

The Chinese manufacturer makes slowly but surely on the way to Western Europe. While there are no official plans for Germany, despite earlier reports that turned out to be false, there were reports only a few hours that Xiaomi wants to gain a foothold in Spain. To start, a launch event in the Spanish capital Madrid.

There, the Mi Mix 2 for the price of around 500 euros is available, cheaper it goes with the Mi A1 for only 229 euros. The manufacturer wants to ensure success in Spain says that it first before taking the rest targeted.

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A similar strategy was used three years ago in India, where the Chinese company only a few percent is now located behind the market leader Samsung. According to IDC, Xiaomi has a market share of 17 percent, the South Koreans lead with 24 percent. Samsung must therefore quite possible in Europe soon wrap up warm when you have strengthened to deal with the competition from China in the coming years.

Source: GSMArena.com


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