see Sky ticket with PS4: How to

Who wants to conclude no big pay-TV subscription and want to pursue nevertheless shows like "The Walking Dead" or live football on the screen, you can access any of the various Sky tickets. These bring the Sky program streamed to flexible terms available in "Super Sport", "Movie" and "Entertainment" in the house. Do you want to receive the broadcasts on the TV, you can z. B. see the Sky ticket on the PS4.

Find out here, as you can see on the PS4 broadcasts from the Sky ticket and what you should consider it. With the Sky ticket their Champions League can receive Bundesliga and online, without bringing Sky satellite or cable to the television. Rather, the reception via the Internet line is carried out.

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Sky-ticket app for PlayStation 4

The PS4 App of the Sky tickets for the reception will take you directly in the "TV and Video" section in the main menu of the console. To install the app and receive broadcasts from the Sky program from the console, the PS4 must be connected to the Internet, of course.

  • To see Sky ticket on the PS4, first a corresponding package must be booked *.
  • This works in the browser via the Web page at Sky.
  • After selecting the desired package, entering personal data and the decision for the payment option, the application must be approved by mail.
  • Now you can download the Sky ticket app on the PS4.
  • Get in touch then with the previously selected credentials.
  • Selects the desired program and enjoy the pay-TV program directly from the console.

see Sky ticket with PS4: How to

Sky ticket on the TV: So happy you with the PS4

So that the streams are transferred smoothly to the screen, a line with at least 1 Mbit / s should be available. The content is streamed in either SD or HD, but not in full HD.


In addition to the support for the PlayStation 4, the Sky ticket is also available on the Xbox One and PlayStation third Also on the consoles of the older generation you find the app in each store for download.

If playback of Sky ticket on the PS4 does not work, ensures that the console is connected to the Internet. also ensures that no Downloads on both the console and on other network devices, such. B. updates are performed that could strain the bandwidth unnecessarily. Frequently it also helps in case of problems, first delete the app and then install it again on the PlayStation. 4

In permanent impairment should contact the Sky hotline.


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