Lovoo VIP code will receive 2,017 free: How free and legally – and is there a hack?

With Lovoo you get inside the app for Android and iPhone, as well as online browser access to a popular dating Exchange. Registration and use of Lovoo are free, but many features can be used only against the use of Lovoo credits. Who wants to use all the functions of the dating app, you can log in as Lovoo VIP.

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With a VIP membership you have numerous advantages over the free base profile:

  • The custom profile is highlighted by a gold frame
  • unlimited play Lovoo matches
  • Ghost mode: profile is no longer visible in radar, search and matches, profiles can be called up without the user will be notified
  • Profiles can be detected without the use of credits
  • E-mail this Icebreaker

use Lovoo VIP with all premium features for free

Lovoo VIP code will receive 2,017 free: How free and legally - and is there a hack?Also in 2017, there is a perfectly legal and easy way to use Lovoo VIP completely free with all premium features. However, this method is only Android users. Some time ago launched Amazon's new app's service Amazon Underground. Here you will find actually paid apps for free and legal download. In addition to various games and useful applications also Lovoo place your free VIP access together. To use the premium features of free Lovoo goes as follows:

  1. Amazon Underground is not ready in the Play Store to download, so it must be a small detour to be made. Gets the Amazon Underground App from Amazon * and loads the application there on the Android device.
  2. In the settings of the Android device, the "Installing apps from unknown sources" must be allowed. Read also about: install APK &# 8211; Apps without Google Play Store.
  3. About the new Amazon app you control left the "Games and Apps" section and select there "Underground Apps&# 8221 ;.
  4. Here you can now search for and download the Lovoo Flirt app. In this way, the VIP version ends up with all enabled premium features on your device.

Some time ago came the news that Amazon will adjust its underground program. But apps already present still work, so you can use it as a VIP for free via Amazon Underground also Lovoo 2017. Downloading the app you fidnet here:

Download Lovoo Amazon Underground*

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Lovoo: VIP code receive free 2017 and Redeem

Lovoo VIP code will receive 2,017 free: How free and legally - and is there a hack?© Lovoo

A Lovoo VIP membership can you take out directly in the browser or within the app. Payment can be made among others by PayPal and credit card. A VIP membership can be transferred to a different profile. This, however, contact with the Lovoo support must be included.

The price of Lovoo VIP depends on the booked subscription length:

  • 1 month: 7,99 €
  • 3 months: about 6.66 € / month (€ 19.99)
  • 6 months approx € 4.99 / month (€ 29.99)
  • 12 months: about 3.83 € / month (€ 45.99)

In addition, there are ways that you can use the Premium Membership for free. This is made possible the Lovoo VIP code. Here is code that are placed in time limited. With the VIP code Lovoo VIP can a certain period, often one month, is free. In general, the VIP code can be used only by new customers. Redeem can you the VIP code on the action page. Sources for codes include bargain blogs. However, these codes are very divided irregularly, so you have to bring a lot of patience.

Lovoo VIP Hack: What you should know

For can you Lovoo the VIP codes on various coupon sites on the net. a Lovoo VIP Codeshack is often offered at other sites on the Internet. With this hack, it should be possible to be able to generate free VIP code. Of these, however, one should refrain. As a rule, these are fraudulent offers. So you get through the Lovoo VIP Codeshack no free access to premium membership, but puts your personal login information into the hands of Internet fraudsters or gets instead of the hack a Trojan or virus downloaded to the computer.

34261Lovoo app for Android

Lovoo: terminate VIP Membership

To cancel the VIP membership Lovoo, it is not enough to delete their own account. To play it safe, a termination of the Lovoo VIP membership directly from the payment provider is important. Have you VIP so booked within the app on Android, the subscription needs occasional completed on Google Play, Apple users have to terminate the VIP subscription directly through iTunes.

terminate Lovoo

Whether with or VIP account: Good luck in finding the joy of love! Do you know someone who has found on Lovoo the great love? Or do not trust your friends online Dating (yet)? Write us in the comments.

Original article of 30 January 2015 Updated on July 19, 2017

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