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many 1&1 customers can take advantage of a particularly extensive 1und1 online storage. This is possible with certain mobile and DSL rates and after setting up the cloud. As well as with its competitor Dropbox you can then via tablet, smartphone and PC to access the online backup data and share them. No additional cost some customers are as much as 100 GB of memory. Here you learn what you need to do in order to use the service.

516111&1 Hotline: Customer Service

1und1 online storage for mobile customers

Do you have a 1&1 mobile tariff with minimum term, a cloud no extra cost to you is available. Here are possible up to 100 GB storage capacity.

Click here for the 1&1-mobile tariffs*

App for Android and iOS

To use the cloud with your mobile device, the app must be installed. Both variants will be charged.

1&download one online storage (Android)*

1&download one online storage (iOS)*

1 & amp; 11und1 online storage for DSL customers

Even if you one of the 1&1 DSL double Flat fares uses, can look forward to a cloud at no extra cost. The "double Flat V-DSL" are proud 100GB. 10,000 files can secure their with the tariff in the cloud. The "double flat" with 50 GB and the "Surf-Flat" with 25 GB can be seen also quite.

Setting Cloud PC

To access with your PC to the service, you have to set it up as follows:

  1. Get in touch with your customer number and your customer password in your 1und1 Control Center *1und1 online storage - all information on the 1und1-Cloud1und1 online storage - all information on the 1und1-Cloud at.1 & 1 Control Center
  2. Selected under "Key Features" to select "Other Settings & Services ". After that you click the "Free tools and software" to "online storage".
  3. Now click next to "1&1 Online Storage "on" Setting ".
  4. Now you choose one of your e-mail address as the user name for your cloud. After that, click on "Next".
  5. Selects a service password (1&1 online store password), to later arrive at your cloud. To confirm click on "Finish".1 & 1 Online Storage - service password
  6. Now you informed the summary page of the status of your cloud. When in the "ready-set" is next to "online storage", you are on target.

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