Set ringtones Android: The favorite song as the ringing

As for creating your own ringtones, Android smartphones are easier to handle than the competition from Apple. Will all of her songs set as a ringtone, you can simply set as a ringtone for the Android device the corresponding music file. Also in news tones Android offers more flexibility. As you can create your own Android ringtones, learn it here.

Set ringtones Android: The favorite song as the ringing

With your favorite song ringtone your smartphone gets a personal touch. So you can look forward again to you on each call.

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upload custom ringtones Android on the smartphone location and directory

  1. First, the Android smartphone must be connected to the computer.
  2. Controls on the smartphone using the Windows Explorer.
  3. Created on the SD card / storage / emulated / 0 / Ringtones folder for the ringtones.
  4. Alternatively, it sets the folder &# 8220; alarms, notifications&# 8221; and &# 8220; ringtones&# 8221; in the root directory of the SD card
  5. Adds now a sounds as MP3 or OGG file into the appropriate folder.
  6. Severs the connection to the PC and launch the Android device.
  7. now opens the settings on the Android device.
  8. about &# 8220; My Device&# 8221; finds its option &# 8220; tones&# 8221 ;.
  9. There you can now set the pre-loaded on the Android device Ringtones. android ringtons

load ringtones to Android

Easily and quickly can also be selected using the free app ES File Explorer ringtones. Alternatively, you can of course use a different file manager. Here you can from any directory on the search for new ringtones. in the &Performing; # 8220&# 8221; dialog can you move to the desired folder and then set about the obengenantnen way as a ringtone the sound now.

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Create custom ringtones using Android

Do you want Android ringtones create your own taste, will guide you into the free app Ringdroid. Invite you first the ringtone app Ringdroid from the Google Play Store. After her Ringdroid have started, all available on the smartphone songs are listed. If the list you think patchy, you choose the three points right above and pats on "See all audio files ". Now you your Message Favorite music selects which want to use it as Android ringtone.

android ringtones-create-RingdroidSurvey your favorite song from the list in Ringdroid from

With the controls you can select the corresponding Song section for the Android Ringtone. In this way you can eg. As well as individual song clips for a Message tone as a ringtone for Android establish. To get exactly the desired song part, you can zoom in with two fingers in the Song display. Have you checked the appropriate section, you can hear by play button, whether you like the Android Rintone and possibly rework. In addition, Ringdroid allows you to use your own voice recording as a ringtone. Simply choose either the microphone icon on the top right, and speak a your individual text as Android ringtone.

RingdroiddownloadQR codeRingdroidDeveloper: Ringdroid TeamPrice: Free

About the Floppy Icon in the upper area of ​​app you can save the created ringtones Android. In the next window you can choose to use for the function of the new tone. The following types available for the Android ringtone available:

  • call sign
  • Call sign for certain persons and groups
  • New music file
  • alarm clock
  • notification
The inventor of this message tone for Android devices from Samsung should get something for your ears.

Create ringtones Android: instructions step by step

The following overview you can see her step by step how to create ringtones for Android Ringdroid Ringdroid with:

  1. Download Ringdroid the Google Play Store and install
  2. Select After opening the app desired song from the list
  3. Mark corresponding song section for the Android ringtone
  4. listen via play button if the desired portion like as a ringtone
  5. save on disk icon at the top app section
  6. Select tone type (ringtone, new song, Alarm Clock, Message)
  7. wait for the next call and enjoy the favorite song as a ringtone for the Android Smartphone
Ringdroid ringtones androidMarks the corresponding song-neck for your Android Ringing

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