Resident Evil 7: All trophies and achievements – Guide to 100%

Resident Evil 7 wants you back now the fear of God to the more action-packed predecessors and sends you into the hands of the crazy family Baker and scary monsters. You are not too busy on the horror trip with survival, can you set you on the hunt for success and trophies. We show you all the achievements and provide you useful guides to individual achievements.

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The Bakers receive you in Resident Evil 7 in her family, but their hospitality is a bit strange. During the game you must solve their puzzles, fend off monsters and tried as quickly as possible to escape. However, there are numerous Achievements and Trophies in Survival Horror, invite for repeatedly playing. We give you our Guide one Overview of Achievements.

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Resident Evil 7: Achievements and trophies Overview

Overall, you can in the main game of Resident Evil 7 37 Achievements (38 Trophies unlock 4) on the PlayStation. Add to this the DLC Achievements, which are gradually released as the contents of the Season Pass. These have the Achievements partially in itself. Especially for playing through the story at the various levels of difficulty, there are valuable successes.

resident-evil-7-hit trophy achievements-screenshot

The most difficult thing is sure, complete the game in under 4 hours to the appropriate Speedrun Trophy to get. In the following chart we show you all success with their activation conditions. We will continue this guide with corresponding Videos about each Achievements complete.

Update February 14, 2017: Achievements and Trophies of the second DLC &# 8220; forbidden footage 2&# 8243; added.

Attention! For spoiler reasons, we have listed the secret trophies and achievements in a separate table below. The DLC Achievements be found also below.
resident-evilresident evil-platinum-final
Plays all trophies.
no-riskrisk anythinggamer core 20bronze-final
Closes the game on from Simple.
the-nightmare-is-finally-pastThe nightmare is finally overgamer core 20bronze-final
Closes the game on from Normal.
irrrer-than-crazyMad as madgamerscore-40silver-final
Closes the game from the difficulty madhouse.
behind closed doorsBehind closed doorsgamer core 10bronze-final
Closes manually an open door.
hands upHands upgamer core 10bronze-final
Fends off the attack of an opponent by their blocks.
AhaAha!gamer core 10bronze-final
Examines an object closer to get something.
locksmithLocksmithsgamer core 10bronze-final
Opens something with a Dietrich.
nice tryNice trygamer core 10bronze-final
If an object on a shadow base that does not belong there.
eye-openingEye-openinggamer core 10bronze-final
Uses a Psychotonikum.
backpackerBackpackergamer core 10bronze-final
Increases your inventory.
better than nothingBetter than nothinggamer core 20bronze-final
Completed an enemy with a knife.
for-ammo-to-shameFor ammunition to shamegamer core 20bronze-final
Eliminates the insects on a door with a knife.
less is moreLess is moregamerscore-40silver-final
Completed two or more enemies with a single shot.
a stick-stick agamer core 20bronze-final
Completed an enemy by her attaches a bomb with remote detonators to him and ignites.
1st place-in-experimental competition1st place in the competition experimentgamer core 20bronze-final
Manufactures all objects that liquid chemical and starch liquid containing chemical.
hide and seekHide and seekgamer core 20bronze-final
closes &# 8220; Mia&# 8221; from video, without being discovered by Marguerite.
flashes placesflashes placesgamerscore-40silver-final
Includes the &# 8220; Happy Birthday&# 8221; -Video from within 5 minutes.
rewind-not-forgottenDo not forget Rewindgamer core 20bronze-final
Look at all the videotapes in an innings.
pelicans-in-the-pantsPelicans in the pantsgamerscore-40silver-final
Collects in a single difficulty or normal all antique coins.
crazed collector coinsMadman coin collectorsgamerscore-40silver-final
Collects in difficulty madhouse all antique coins.
The devil is in the detailsThe devil is in the detailsgamerscore-40silver-final
Read all the files in one innings.
he-is-here-and-there-and-everywhereHe's here and there and everywhere!gamer core 20bronze-final
Destroyed a Mr. Everywhere figure.
mr-nirgendsmehrMr. Nirgendsmehrgamerscore-40silver-final
Destroy all Mr. Everywhere figures.


I-will-but-only-outI just want to get out only here!gamer core 50gold-final
Closes the game within 4 hours.
resource managerresource Managergamer core 50gold-final
Completes the game without the Inventarbox to open more than 3 times.
good-defensesGood defensesgamer core 50gold-final
Completes the game without more than 3 times to use a first aid medicine.

Resident Evil 7: Secret and hidden Achievements and Trophies

she livesshe livesgamer core 20bronze-final
Travel to Louisiana.
welcome-in-the-family-youngWelcome to the family, Younggamer core 20bronze-final
Flee from the guest house.
du-come-here-not-outYou can not get out of heregamer core 20bronze-final
Flee to the court.
the-beyond-are-the-truth-awardThe hereafter is the truth awardgamer core 20bronze-final
Reveals the secrets of the old house.
fang-better-to-to-operateBetter start to rungamer core 20bronze-final
Escapes from the estate of the Bakers.
in-the-deepIn the depthsgamer core 20bronze-final
Flees the ship.
end-of-nightEnd of the Nightgamerscore-40silver-final
See the end of the first
just-yet-a-reminderOnly a memorygamerscore-40silver-final
See the end of the second
despite phaseTrotzphasegamerscore-40silver-final
Fought and beat Marguerite to flight as it travels through the house.
to-be-live-squatTo sit his lifegamerscore-40silver-final
Jack differs from scissors attack by going into a crouch.


clay pigeon shootingskeet shootinggamerscore-40silver-final
Shoot at Marguerite and throw them back while they rusheth on you.

DLC &# 8211; Forbidden footage 1: Achievements and Trophies

death-before-dawnDeath before dawn?tbabronze-final
closes &Nightmare; # 8220&# 8221; from.
sleepless-in-dulveySleepless in Dulveytbasilver-final
closes &Night terrors; # 8220&# 8221; from.
as-cooked by-mama-As cooked by Mamatbabronze-final
[Bedroom] Escapes from the room.
rat catcherrat catchertbasilver-final
Place in an innings any dead rodents.
ethane-die-neverEthan never diestbagold-final
[Ethan must die] Survived until the end.

DLC &# 8211; Forbidden footage 2: Achievements and Trophies

big-brotherBig Brothertbabronze-final
[21] Includes &# 8220; 21&# 8243; from.
[21] Includes the mode &# 8220; survival&# 8221; from.
All-leaving-the-sleevesAll tricks up his sleevetbasilver-final
[21] Includes the mode &# 8220; survival +&# 8221; from.
butterfly effectbutterfly effecttbabronze-final
Look at the bad end.
419Unlock bad end - daughters: Resident Evil 7
a-instinct SurvivalAn instinct: survivaltbasilver-final
See the true ending.
1245enable true end - daughters: Resident Evil 7
what-take-the-so-longWhat's taking so long?tbabronze-final
Includes a section beginning with a minimum of 10 minutes now.
wonderful cookwonderful cookingtbabronze-final
Jack lined with every kind of food and drink.
Best-birthday-all-timesBest birthday evertbasilver-final
Will receive at each stage of the rank &# 8220; S&# 8221; or better.

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