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The download of ActivInspire brings you an extensive educational software on the computer. The program various teaching materials themselves can be designed. Teacher / -Innen get with the use of Promethean an easy to use, yet rich tool package to the hand.

In times of the Internet, an interactive, media-supporter lessons must. ActivInspire is a program with which can be make a visually appealing lessons. The various features offer several ways to encourage students in the classroom and in small tutorial groups to participate actively. A built-in feedback system simplifies learning investments and valuations.

ActivInspire: What is it?

Working with ActivInspire works simple, fast and intuitive. Teachers can prepare lessons efficiently and save time when planning the next lessons. The tool also promises to strengthen the student cooperation. Thanks to various user interfaces both younger students and older semester are addressed according to their age. Other features of ActivInspire:

  • Support of mathematical equations incl. Formula Editor
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Web browser allows embedding content directly to websites
  • pin function
  • Individual adjustment for different requirements

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In ActivInspire files and documents of various common tools can be imported, including from Microsoft PowerPoint or Adobe Reader.

ActivInspire: Software for schools

ActivInspire is available in a free and paid version for download. The paid version offers many additional features and an additional amount of import and export options. The free edition provides an outline of functions and is suitable for training purposes. A download is available by prior registration offered Promethean.

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The software is the perfect complement to the use of an interactive whiteboard as a replacement for a classic chalkboard. Unlike a presentation via projector whiteboard offers the ability to highlight content accordingly and emphasized. Self-created panel paintings can be saved and replayed at a later date.

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