WhatsApp reinstall – When the Messenger is causing problems

WhatsApp will not install on the new smartphone? Or you had problems with the Messenger and WhatsApp therefore tried to reinstall, but it just will not succeed? In this guide, we want to stand by your side and try to correct the problems if WhatsApp not be installed any more.

video | How to install an Android APK

329109Android: How the APK installation

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WhatsApp reinstall (Android)

If you want to install WhatsApp new because problems have occurred, you should do the following:

  1. Before you install WhatsApp new, you have to uninstall your old version for now.DANGER: If you uninstalled WhatsApp, it also deletes the associated data. How can you make a backup of your chat histories and data you experience the following article: WhatsApp create backup, backup data -So klappts.
  2. Go to the settings of your smartphone and wipes down to the Device menu and tap on Apps.
  3. Selects in the app launcher WhatsApp.
  4. In the app info from WhatsApp their taps on the Uninstall button.
    WhatsApp Phone Data not correct reinstallation
  5. Read through the following warning and confirms it by typing its OK.
  6. If WhatsApp is deleted, you can call the Play Store.
  7. In the Play Store you're looking for the Messenger, and then click the Install button.
    WhatsApp reinstall

WhatsApp can not be downloaded

If you in the Play Store before reporting &# 8220; This version is not compatible with their device&# 8221; is, or can not download from the respective app store from a different basic WhatsApp, there are at the popular Messenger for almost all compatible smartphones a simple alternative.

With the exception of iOS and Windows Phone devices you can check out the latest version of WhatsApp directly with the browser of your mobile phones (Android, BlackBerry, Nokia S40 & Download S60) from the official website. With Android you can watch the downloaded APK file then install as in the above inserted video.

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WhatsApp can not be installed? &# 8211; Possible causes, and solutions

If WhatsApp still does not install, you should check the basics. This sounds often banal, a common problem but is often overlooked in finding solutions. so check the following point from:

  • From mid-2017 a number of older mobiles of WhatsApp are no longer supported. Heard your might to this?
  • Meets your device the minimum requirements specified by WhatsApp?
  • Do you have enough disk space? Even if the memory still has several hundred MB to Android this can save for system-related files.
  • Do you have a (functioning!) SIM card in your smartphone? If not, WhatsApp can not be used.
  • Behave other apps, even strange? perhaps there is a defective or malware before on your device?

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