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In this guide, we provide tips on how you can order free shipping in rebuy and returns Free returns to the recommerce dealer. Basically, you have to bear as a customer the shipping costs, but have the ability to compensate for this issue.

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In principle rises rebuy shipping costs for the delivery of your orders:

  • Per order shipping cost of 3.99 € in principle to pay.
  • This amount increases when you USK have purchased 18 items, because then you have to &# 8211; at least for the first order to a specific address &# 8211; still pay the age verification and proof of identity.
  • In USK 18 articles, there are therefore delivery fee of 3.99 € for delivery costs, 2.65 € for age verification and 1.99 € for identity verification = € 8.63 for the first order. In another order to the same address age verification falls away, so stay cost of 5.98 €

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rebuy free shipping: Media & Order electronics products at no additional cost

For customers, there is generally no order that would include free shipping. Therefore, you must always pay shipping costs for each order. However, there is almost always to save the possibility of these costs with a voucher for the free shipping. To do this you simply go to one of the numerous summary pages for coupons and give your order at the appropriate code. Sometimes you have to invest a little Google-time, because not every coupon can be combined with each offering. Often there are also discount vouchers so you can offset the shipping costs with a lower purchase price.

The shipment in rebuy via DHL, Hermes or Pin AG.

rebuy Free Shipping

Free shipping for return and cancellation

Rebuy provides you of a right of withdrawal of 21 days and for electronic items are guaranteed for 18 months. Returns that are based on a warranty, are basically free shipping. Once you have initiated the return on your account, you will also find a free parcel for printing. If you can not print, you also have the chance to get a free sending in a Hermes shop by her there the sentence: &# 8220; It is a rebuy return from the 99th number range&# 8221; manifests.

When revoking it depends on the value of goods of the article concerned whether their delivery have to wear, or not. From a value of 40 €, the return is free.

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Purchase Free Shipping

If you want to send items to sell them even this shipment is free shipping due to a order value of 10 €. Also in this case you will find a free parcel in your account. However, less than 10 € you have the shipping costs to bear themselves well for you can find a suitable voucher system.

Here `s to buy on Rebuy*

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