Microsoft account: Forgot your password – Access to restore the PC and Xbox

The Microsoft account is the ticket to various services such as Skype, OneDrive, Windows 8.1, or for the Xbox. In addition to a selected user name and e-mail address you need a password for access. But what can you do if you have the password for the Microsoft account password?

Microsoft account: Forgot your password - Access to restore the PC and Xbox

If you are denied access to the Microsoft service, you should first check that you have entered the correct user data. Checks also whether any caps lock is enabled and the password is then capitalized incorrectly.

reset Password*

Microsoft account: Forgot your password &# 8211; so you can restore it

Do you have your password for the Microsoft account password, you may be reset so as to select a new password the password.

  1. Opens the link to reset the password.
  2. Selects a reason why the password to be reset. Here you can choose whether you have forgotten your Microsoft account password, registration is not possible or if you have the suspicion that your Microsoft account will be used by an unauthorized person.
  3. Choose "Next" and give to the e-mail address, which was filed with the application at Microsoft.
  4. In addition, you must enter the Captcha displayed on the screen.
  5. Now you get a security code to the registered mobile number or email address.
  6. Give the code on the PC and you can in the next window set a new password for the Microsoft account.


If you do not receive the code or some other problem occurs when you reset the Microsoft password, follow the instructions on the screen. Under certain circumstances, you must fill out a security form, which contains specific details about your Microsoft account. It may be the date of birth, credit card information, or sending them recently.

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Microsoft account: Reset with Xbox One

While a password reset on the Xbox 360 is not possible, you can find a lost password using the Xbox One.

  1. Controls the login screen on the Xbox One.
  2. Give to your e-mail address for the account.
  3. now selects the button "I forgot my password."
  4. This way you also get a security code to one of the stored addresses or phone numbers.
  5. With this code, you can change the password for the Microsoft account on the Xbox One.

xbox-one-Microsoft account

We show you also how you can delete the Microsoft account.

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