Poké Radar Pokémon GO shows you the localities of all pocket monsters

With the Poké Radar now a service for Pokémon GO, which will help you in finding the Pokémon are looking for you to start. The extensive Pokémon can also filter the desired pocket monsters.

Poké Radar Pokémon GO shows you the localities of all pocket monsters

Where can I find just the next Spearow? Is there Chansey actually in my area? And where hiding that damn Mew? Questions that currently move the world. Unfortunately you show Pokémon GO itself simply which Pokémon are in your area. You know therefore never been exactly where you have to travel there to catch one of the rarer Pokémon. The Poké Radar to remedy this problem. The card, which was decided by the developers Braydon Batungbacal and Nick DiVona, show yourselves to whatever your site, where you can find that Pokémon.

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The data originate directly from the Pokémon GO community. So you caught her a Pokémon and want to share with other players on your knowledge about it, then you can enter the location on the map. In addition, in the posts, the exact time can be entered so that it can be estimated when the search for the Pokémon pays the most. A filter facilitates you to search for a particular monster.

To ensure that in this system, no trolls are on the loose, there is also a rating system. Click it, you see a Pokémon on the map not only her, by whom the site is derived, but also how many players found this tip helpful. If the rating bad, so it is probably a fake, in which the trip will be worth rather less.

We reveal that Pokémon can be found in which areas Types

The Poké Radar can be reached so far as either a browser version or iOS app, an Android version is in the works. However, you should remember that your smartphone battery is being charged even more if their Pokémon GO and the Poké Radar stay tuned. We extended her your battery life, we betray our Pokémon GO Guide for a longer battery life.

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