CyanogenMod Installer: So is rooting and flashing a breeze


You always have flirted with the rooting your smartphone, opening the boot loader and the flashing of custom ROMs, but so far not found a decent introduction to the subject? Then you please have a look the CyanogenMod Installer closer to taking over the bulk of the work for you.

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178001What is "root"?

UPDATE: by Vulnerability Stagefright the download for the CyanogenMod installer has been discontinued until further notice. Users of the installer releases are instructed the automatic disable MMS Download. Even if this does not completely solve the problem, so at least the biggest risk factor is contained. Therefore, the team behind the CyanogenMod recommends complete Data Wipe conduct and To install the latest version of the custom ROM.

So if you also want to get into the taste of sugary custom ROMs, you dürftet with the CyanogenMod installer have exactly the right tool found. The combination of Android app and desktop program helps you not only help to root your device in a relatively simple way, but installed - as the name already implies - also still the same popular custom ROM CyanogenMod called. And does it automatically!

CyanogenMod Installer

CyanogenMod Installer: The bracuht her

  • First of all, you've got to the course app Download. You can find them here, among other.
  • In addition, also you need to Desktop clients (For Windows Vista / 7/8), you can download what ye here.
  • Finally, you should have an Android device and a have USB cable handy, to this to connect to your computer. A list of previously supported devices can be found here, this is dependent on, among other things, whether the bootloader Eueres device can be unlocked. Suffice it to say: The Nexus devices are of course all the support and also with some HTC and Samsung smartphones, things are very good.

And then you can start already. And I think these three topics on the Play Store grasp it very well together:

CyanogenMod Installer: So is rooting and flashing a breeze

A guide is not required at this point, really, because basically the app is just that and will help you in preparing your smartphone for the detection and flashing through the desktop client. So if you have interest in the whole thing, look at the Just something closer to.


Source: CyanogenMod via Android Police

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