Uplay – Change Password: This is how the Reset

The digital distribution platform Uplay is one of Ubisoft. Here you play games by French developer and publisher Ubisoft and collect points in the club. If you have forgotten your password, however, we show you in this guide on how you can change it quickly. 

Besides Origin and Steam also has developer and publisher Ubisoft own platform on which the company distributes its games. With Uplay invites ye a client down to it but not yet exist to date for Macs. Do you buy you such as a physical Ubisoft game on Amazon, you do not necessarily insert the CD, but you can enter and play the supplied code to Uplay installing directly. However, you have your Forgot Password, the game has an abrupt end. We tell you how you can change your password at Uplay and what you can do when the E-mail does not arrive by Ubisoft.

Ubisoft celebrates its 30th birthday in 2016 - that keep the employees of which:

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Uplay &# 8211; Password wrong or forgotten? So you can change it

You have your Forgot Password, can you change the Uplay in very quickly. Just visit the website of Uplay and click the top right Log In. Here you choose now forgotten password. Now an email you sent to your predetermined address automatically. Click on the link in the email to perform a password reset on your Uplay account. Do you want to instead change your e-mail address, we have another elsewhere Guide for you.

Here ye set your password using Ubisoft back*

Always remember that no man will ask outside the Ubi-support, as your password is. so give not your password. Do you want to change it, that only makes on the Ubisoft website or the Uplay client.

In your account information you can not your user name, but also change the set of you password. (Source: Ubisoft Support)In your account information you can not your user name, but also change the set of you password. (Source: Ubisoft Support)

 Forgot Uplay password and e-mail does not matter

You have forgotten your Uplay password already received an e-mail, but still it does not work? As your password reset still succeed, we will tell you in this chapter. Did you enter the password incorrectly shows you the Uplay very carefully. Now you can click on Forgot password in the log-in screen click. From time to time comes the mail with the change link but not to &# 8211; In any case apparently. Studied especially in your Spam Folder. For Uplay Ubisoft and it is not possible to be able to read your password. You plant it right back and no longer learn the old password.

Starting in offline mode Uplay

Do you have your Uplay forgot password and gain partout no e-mail, you should once again one let you send. Otherwise, you just write to the support of Uplay. Elsewhere, we have help for you. You are already logged in to the client, there is not the e-mail address but you can also pick an alternative Register with your Facebook account or your Uplay account first link in order to be able to still access it.


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