Fallout 4: Verpassbare quests in the various fractions

In apocalypse epic Fallout 4 four different groups, all offering different quests exist. But since you have to make decisions during the game, there are verpassbare quests in Fallout 4. Finally, you have even finally decide for one of the four fractions and thus missed the success Fallout to 100 percent to play through.

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For this reason, you will find below a Guide, like you all faction quests can play. Here you different reservoir levels have to invest in order to play all verpassbaren quests. How can you create them and especially how you missed any success, we'll tell you here.

Fallout 4 and verpassbare Quests: Up to what can play their quest

The four factions in the game are:

  • Minutemen
  • Brotherhood of steel
  • Railroad
  • The Institute
The Minutemen are one of four factions in Fallout 4The Minutemen are one of four factions in Fallout 4

Once you have found a fraction can you certain Taster Quests complete for them. But if you have the completed and continues, it may happen that you the game not 100 percent by get.

Until these quests you can easily play without missing a quest:


  • If freedom is calling
  • Sanctuary
  • The first step
  • For the freedom
  • old weapons

Brotherhood of steel

  • Reveille
  • fire support
  • Call to Arms
  • Semper Invicta


  • Path to Freedom
  • Spy craft
  • Hidden underground

The final Quest her to a certain part and it does not exclude from. After you shall continue to work with the "father", you have to go on at the Institute.

The Institute

  • Synth Retention
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill incl. Two optional missions
  • Humanity: Redefined
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Verpassbare successful: it proceed

Do you want to keep you still open, for which faction you decide on you can all the quests of them through play and afterward make a decision. This only works with multiple storage items. This guide will show you how you missed any quest.

When Fallout 4-level & quot; Mass quot Fusion &; you have to decide yourself if you want to continue the game with the fractionIn the Fallout 4-Quest &Mass fusion; # 8220&# 8221; you have to decide yourself if you want to continue the game with the fraction

1. Play the Quest molecular level for the institute. From one place you get a warning displayed. does not use the relay and creates the first storage state.

2. Then you can with the Quests of Steel Brotherhood keep going. These are:

  • steel shadows
  • official tour
  • No mercy
  • From their midst
  • Against the Fence
  • Liberty Reprimed
  • Blinder betrayal
  • tactical thinking
  • Spoils of war
  • ad Victoriam
  • The Nuclear Option

3. After the last quest that group you can go on with the Minutemen tasks. but here you have to Load first memory state, which you have created in STEP1.

4. Play now all the quests of the Minutemen by.

5. Invite now turn Storage Level 1 new and plays the quests pinned and Powering Up the Institute.

After & quot; Powering Up & quot; you have to create a new save fileAfter &# 8220; Powering Up&# 8221; you have to create a new save file

6. Upon completion of activation her memory status creates second

7. After that you can play through The Institute of the remaining quests fraction.

8. Now all Quests of the Railroad to gamble, you have to Storage Level 2 reload.

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