Vega Conflict: Tips and Tricks for fleets and building plans (Android, iOS)

In the real-time strategy game Vega Conflict from the Google Play Store it's off to the far reaches of outer space. To help you in your conquest campaign, we have the following article selected the best Conflict tips and tricks, and Vega.

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Vega Conflict you have the galaxy from the evil Vega Alliance recapture by her &# 8211; similar to Clash of Clans and Game of War &# 8211; expanding your base, a powerful fleet assembles and denies epic battles. The game can you download you at the following link for free from the Google Play Store.

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Vega Conflict: Tips and Tricks for Peculiar

Vega Conflict her conquests have to start and build up gradually you an empire. On Anfag you only have a small space base &# 8211; the first goal is to expand the station as soon as possible and be equipped with defense systems and recruiting stations. When you build, you should make sure the research modules always upgrade, so that you always be open to all research options. Thus gets her access to better equipment, more powerful weapons and armor for your robust spacecraft. With these upgrades, you are able to take on more powerful enemies and other players.

Vega Conflict War

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Vega Conflict: Tips for resource extraction

For building your empire you need in Vega Conflict resources such as helium-3, mineral ore and Zynthium.

  • At the beginning of their resources found on nearby asteroids &# 8211; just send an abrasion unit for asteroids and she begins to degrade resources.
  • but it fits on the current resource levels of the asteroid &# 8211; you can check it by clicking on it once the asteroid.
  • In addition, the rule is: the higher the level of the mine unit, the more generous is broken down and the faster the asteroid is empty.
  • Once you have completed the first upgrade, you should therefore also start to explore your surroundings and to send fleets to distant areas of space.
  • There you have to find freight containers, which also contain valuable resources the chance.
  • Opens the freight container by their bombards them &# 8211; the resources are then stored in the holds of your fleet and can be used by you to strengthen and build further units.

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Vega Conflict Focus Fire

Vega Conflict Tips: To win their space battles

  • To gain space battles in Vega Conflict, must be used as efficiently as possible, its your fleet.
  • A particularly useful strategy is the concentrated fires: instead to involve many different ships in fights, you should focus on a single target fire.
  • Pushes on the button all dialing to your entire fleet select. Then you press on the desired goal, which is now used by all ships in the crossfire.
  • If you have enabled the AI ​​control, take your ships after successful destruction of a target, the respective nearest enemy ship targeted. In order to concentrate the fire, you must therefore once again readjust manually.
  • Also, you should always state your ships keep in mind &# 8211; when a ship inserting too much, you have to immediately withdraw it from the front line and replace it with an undamaged ship.

Vega Conflict plans

Vega Conflict-building plans

Vega Conflict, there are so-called blueprints that contain the technical specifications for particularly powerful ship upgrades. always are on the lookout for blueprints because the upgrades in many cases are better than the upgrades that you can explore their own.

  • Vega Conflict-building plans get her by her Vega-cargo fleet attacks and defeats.
  • Each time you defeat a Vega-cargo fleet, there is a chance that a plan is dropped.
  • The plans are in various &Animal; # 8220&# 8221; (Ranks) divided, ranging from Tier I to Tier V.
  • General rule of thumb: The higher the level of the Vega-freight Lotte, the stronger is the blueprint that you can receive.
  • There are also so-called event-plans: These plans granted from participating in rare and limited time in-game events.

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